Planned giving is the thoughtful process of arranging a gift to a BPSI. It serves to focus your philanthropic goals and maximize your tax saving and estate benefits. It is a gift that may be used today to support current educational endeavors or it may be planned now, to be received in the future. A planned gift is a simple and affordable way to leave a lasting legacy at BPSI.


  • Is easy to arrange.
  • Will not alter your current lifestyle.
  • Can be easily modified to address your changing needs.
  • You can make a gift which will cost you nothing during your lifetime.
  • You can make a gift which leaves you with cash flow and current financial planning unchanged.

Planned gifts are designed to help meet your financial and family goals while simultaneously fulfilling your wish to further BPSI’s mission.  The right type of gift arrangement can play a valuable role in strengthening your own long-term financial plans, provide you with lifetime income, preserve your assets, and offer tax advantages. It may also make it possible for you to make a larger gift to BPSI than you originally thought possible.

Today’s financial world offers a range of planned giving vehicles available to individuals and families including:

1. Gifts from Your Donor Advised Trust:  Make an outright gift from your donor-advised fund or name BPSI as the ultimate beneficiary of the remainder in the fund.

2. Gifts from Your Will or Trust:  Need to preserve your assets during your lifetime? You can plan a gift to BPSI that will only take effect after your other obligations have ceased. A gift to BPSI in your will or revocable trust enables you to support BPSI’s mission and make a difference in the lives of future generations.  You can:

  • Include a bequest to BPSI in your will or trust.
  • Make your bequest unrestricted or direct it to a specific purpose.
  • Indicate a specific amount or a percentage of the balance remaining in your estate or trust.

Here is sample language for your Will or Revocable Living Trust:

Residual Gift Language

A residual bequest comes to us after your estate expenses and specific bequests are paid:

I give and devise to Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, located in Newton Centre, MA, all (or state a percentage) of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, to be used for its general support (or for the support of a specific fund or program).

Specific Gift Language

Naming BPSI as a beneficiary of a specific amount from your estate is easy:

I give and devise to Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, located in Newton Centre, MA, the sum of $___________ (or asset) to be used for its general support (or for the support of a specific fund or program).

Contingent Gift Language

BPSI can be named as a contingent beneficiary in your will or personal trust if one or more of your specific bequests cannot be fulfilled:

If (insert name) is not living at the time of my demise, I give and devise to Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, located in Newton Centre MA, the sum of $ _______ (or all or a percentage of the residue of my estate) to be used for its general support (or for the support of a specific fund or program).

3. Gifts from a Retirement Plan: BPSI may be designated as a beneficiary of your IRA or other qualified retirement plan such as a 401(k), 403(b), Keough, or profit sharing pension plan. It can be costly to pass such assets on to heirs because of heavy tax consequences. Naming BPSI as a beneficiary  allows you to maintain complete control over the asset during your lifetime, while accomplishing a charitable goal that  results in significant tax savings.; upon death the benefit passes to support BPSI, free of both estate and income taxes.

Making a charitable gift from your retirement plan is straightforward and should not incur any attorney fees. Simply request a change-of-beneficiary form from your plan administrator. When you have finished, return the form to your plan administrator and notify BPSI.  You should consult with your tax advisor and/or attorney regarding the complete tax benefits of retirement plan giving.

4. Gifts of Life Insurance: A significant gift can be made to BPSI even without a large estate. Simply contact your life insurance company and request a Change of Beneficiary/Ownership Form, and designate BPSI as the new owner and beneficiary of your policy.

Important Information: The purpose of the material presented is to provide general gift, estate, and financial planning information, and is not offered as legal or tax advice. State laws govern wills, trusts, and charitable gifts made in a contractual agreement and we strongly encourage you to speak with your financial advisor and/or attorney who can help determine which option(s) best serve your personal financial goals and charitable interests. For additional information or questions, please contact Carole Nathan, Managing Director or Paul Brennan, Business Manager. Carole can also be reached at 617 266 0953, x101. Pharrel is available at 617 266 0953, x102.

However you choose to make your gift, please know that we are deeply grateful for your consideration and generous philanthropy.

Find out how to GIVE NOW.