GIVE ONLINE To give online, simply follow the instructions on the online giving form provided through PayPal. You can make your gift as one payment; spread your gift into equal installments over a specified number of months; or set up a convenient, recurring gift arrangement. You can use a PayPal account or select the option to use your credit card, without setting up a PayPal account.

PAY BY CHECK To pay by check simply make your check payable to BPSI. Gifts without designation offer BPSI the greatest flexibility and will be used to support BPSI’s general educational endeavors.  Please mail your check to: BPSI, 141 Herrick Road, Newton Centre MA 02459.

GIFTS OF SECURITIES You do not have to use cash to make a gift; you can “buy low and give high” by making your gift of appreciated securities. A gift of securities to BPSI directly supports our work and can provide useful financial advantages for you — especially if your securities have increased in value.

1. Transfer Securities from a Brokerage Account: In order for BPSI to accurately identify, allocate, and acknowledge your gift, it is important that you contact Carole Nathan and let her know the name of the company stock or mutual fund that you intend to transfer, or the approximate value of your gift, as well as your stock broker’s name and telephone number. Contact your broker and request the securities be transferred to the BPSI account at Pershing LLC. The recorded gift date is the date of receipt in BPSI’s account and your broker will need the following transfer information:

Broker Name: Pershing, LLC

DTC #: 0443

Account # J4F009205

Account Name: Boston Psychoanalytic Society & Institute

Contact Phone: 866.698.9327

Contact Fax: 866.355.5571

BPSI EIN: 04-2010675

2. Transfer Mutual Funds: As with a gift of stock, most mutual funds can be transferred directly to our brokerage account. In order to facilitate and confirm the transaction with our broker please contact Carole Nathan and let her know the transaction details—name of mutual fund, number of shares, and your broker’s name and contact information.

3. Transfer Certificates: If you have the physical stock or bond certificate please contact Carole Nathan for additional information and instructions.

4. Wire Transfers: Please contact Paul Brennan for account and routing number information.

MATCHING GIFTS A gift to BPSI may be doubled or possibly even tripled if  your employer or your spouse’s employer has a matching gift program. Please contact the human resources department of your/your spouse’s employer to be given specific instructions about its process for matching gifts.  

Important Information: The purpose of the material presented is to provide general gift, estate, and financial planning information, and is not offered as legal or tax advice. State laws govern wills, trusts, and charitable gifts made in a contractual agreement and we strongly encourage you to speak with your financial advisor and/or attorney who can help determine which option(s) best serve your personal financial goals and charitable interests. For additional information or questions, please contact Carole Nathan, Managing Director or Paul Brennan, Business Manager. Carole can also be reached at 617 266 0953, x101. Pharrel is available at 617 266 0953, x102.

However you choose to make your gift, please know that we are deeply grateful for your consideration and generous philanthropy.

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