BPSI Members have made substantial contributions to the vitality of the Boston area mental health training through their work in educational programs in psychiatry, psychology and social work. Our Division of Interdisciplinary Psychoanalysis has been designed to further enhance those individual efforts by creating multiple affiliations with other academic institutions in and around Boston

We are working collaboratively with educational and training centers that nurture tomorrow’s mental health professionals, as well as with colleges and universities where the application of psychoanalytic concepts enhance studies in the arts and humanities.

Through the creation of innovative, shared programs, BPSI is working to bring together educators, scholars and researchers from different fields, who share a common interest in developing deeper and more nuanced conceptions of the human condition.

Our clinical affiliative programs support the importance of the psychodynamic dimension of mental health care as an integral part of training in core mental health disciplines. Here are some of the programs that BPSI is involved in, at various stages of development:

  • The Program in Psychodynamics (PIP) is an ongoing and developed joint program between BPSI and the Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Psychiatry Residency, Harvard Medical School. Read more here.
  • There is another Program in Psychodynamics which partners with the Harvard Longwood Psychiatry Residency and involves BPSI faculty who are affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Brigham Hospital.
  • Three Harvard Child Psychiatry Fellowship programs, at Massachusetts General Hospital, Children’s Hospital and the Cambridge Health Alliance, are working together with BPSI to create a shared Program in Psychodynamics (PIP) to offer a deepened psychoanalytic perspective on child and developmental psychiatry for their trainees.
  • Consultative programs enhance teaching programs at several other training sites, including the Tufts Department of Psychiatry and the Harvard South Shore Psychiatry Residency at Brockton VA Medical Center.
  • At the Center for Multidisciplinary Psychoanalytic Studies (COMPASS), our Division of Interdisciplinary Psychoanalysis works with accomplished scholars, students at every level, and colleges and universities where the application of psychoanalytic concepts enriches studies in the arts and sciences. These lines of communication enrich both sides of the dialogue: We apply insights from psychoanalysis to a wide range of contemporary thought, just as we bring concepts emerging in other disciplines into our constantly evolving psychoanalytic discourse. These programs are identified as COMPASS programs in the calendar when viewing the calendar agenda format, or in orange when viewing the calendar layout.

We invite your attention to our programs, at BPSI and elsewhere, where faculty of BPSI and allied institutions contribute to further understanding the psychodynamic dimensions of clinical work as well as studies in the humanities, arts and sciences.

Please contact us for more information on our Division of Interdisciplinary Psychoanalysis programs, to discuss partnership opportunities, or our initiatives at COMPASS.

Cathy Mitkus, Chair, Division of Interdisciplinary Psychoanalysis 617-492-3355

Murray Schwartz, COMPASS coordinator 413-253-3848