If you are considering psychoanalytic training and concerned about the cost of the psychoanalysis, BPSI is making available adjusted fee psychoanalysis with Training Analysts. Training Analysts are experienced psychoanalysts who provide personal psychoanalysis to BPSI candidates.

If you pursue meeting with a Training Analyst, each analyst will be prepared to discuss your individual needs and personal financial circumstances.  Depending on your circumstances and/or the analyst’s availability, treatments may begin on a once or twice weekly basis and evolve into a full analysis when time and circumstances permit so that you will be in a position to begin your own supervised psychoanalyses when you are ready.  If you are contemplating psychoanalytic training at some future time, it can be very useful to begin psychoanalysis before enrolling in a training program, as it can benefit your personal and professional life.

If you would like to learn more about the process to begin a adjusted fee personal analysis, please contact Karen Smolens.

Please be advised that should you have difficulties arranging for an available analyst, you are welcome to contact Janet Noonan to facilitate a treatment arrangement.