BPSI Events: Video Recordings

Available to general public – click on the video image to watch:

The 2019 BPSI S. Joseph Nemetz Memorial Lecture “A Tribute to Tony Kris: Scholar, Teacher, Mentor and Analyst. His contributions to Psychoanalysis and the BPSI Community” recorded on October 5, 2019.
The 2019 BPSI Early Childhood Conference “Working with Immigrant Families with Young Children – Promoting Resiliency in the Face of Trauma, Loss, and Fear”. In English, with Spanish sub-titles. Recorded on May 18, 2019.
The 2016 BPSI Child Care Conference “Child Development: What Really Matters?” with Jerome Kagan, PhD, and Alexandra Harrison, MD. Recorded on May 7, 2016.
The 2014 Solange Skinner Lecture “Three Critics on Freud’s “Remembering, Repeating, and Working Through” with Stephen Greenblatt, Joseph Koerner, Wendy Lesser, and Adam Phillips. Recorded on April 26, 2014.
The 2012 BPSI Academic Lecture “Mourning as a Psychological Principle” with Tony Kris, MD, Lucinda DiDomenico, MD, and Rafael Ornstein, MD. Recorded on September 13, 2012.

Available upon request – email library@bpsi.org for details

Video recording of the Explorations in Mind course “Is It Responsible for Mental Health Professionals to Comment on the Mental Fitness or Mental Health of the President in the Public Media?” with Leonard Glass, MD, MPH; Lance Dodes, MD; Michael Robbins, MD; John Martin-Joy, MD, held on Oct 19, 2020, is available to BPSI members, partners, and researchers upon request. Email library@bpsi.org to request access.

Video recording of the 2019 Skinner Lecture “Ghosts in the Nursery”, in Contemporary Clinical Work, and in Culture with James Herzog, MD; Stephen Seligman, DMH; Maria Tatar, PhD; and Ann Epstein, MD, held at BPSI on April 27, 2019, is available to BPSI members upon request. Email library@bpsi.org to request access.

The 2005 BPSI Workshop Elvin Semrad: His Principles for Diagnostic Interviews and Therapy with Max Day, MD, Dan Buie, MD, Sanford Gifford, MD, David Mobley, LICSW. Recorded on May 14, 2005 and published on PEP Web. Follow this link to watch (PEP subscription is required) or email library@bpsi.org to request access.

Click here to access BPSI VIDEO INTERVIEWS in the Kravitz Award, Voice of Experience and Meet the Author series. Some of our video and audio recordings are available only upon request. Check out our lists of recorded BPSI Events and Oral History Interviews and library@bpsi.org to request access to any audio or video files.