BPSI is committed to deepening our connections with other academic institutions that share our interests in psychoanalytic thinking. Our Division of Interdisciplinary Psychoanalysis has brought together Affiliate and Silberger Scholars, along with other BPSI Members, to create COMPASS (Center for Multidisciplinary Psycho Analytic Studies), a locus for collaboration across disciplines and for the application of psychoanalytic ideas and concepts in the Arts and Sciences. The Center is available to our former and current scholars, interested BPSI Members and other colleagues and students curious about the world of psychoanalytic thinking.

The goal of COMPASS is to build bridges to undergraduate and graduate communities; enhance the teaching of psychoanalysis, both through its history and contemporary practice; foster multidisciplinary discussion; and serve as an umbrella for collaborative activities and cross-fertilization of ideas.


Silberger Paper Prize Award

The Silberger Paper Prize Award is granted to the author of an outstanding paper reflecting an interdisciplinary consideration of psychoanalytic theories or concepts. The award committee welcomes submissions from neighboring fields, including developmental psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, sociology, historical studies, arts and humanities.

The award recipient receives a $1,000 honorarium and opportunities for collaborative engagement with BPSI faculty and members.

Applications may come from current or former Affiliate Scholars, or members of the broader academic community in allied fields. Current Affiliate Scholars may apply and, if awarded the Silberger award, may continue an additional year of study with tuition waived, if they so desire.

Award recipients, if not current Affiliate Scholars, will be invited (but not required) to apply to the Affiliate Scholar program, via the Affiliate Scholar Admissions Committee, and, upon admission, have the opportunity for further study at BPSI. Affiliate Scholars have come from a diverse array of disciplines, including art history, archeology, law, social work, neuroscience, medicine, theology, journalism and the arts.

For more information, please contact Committee Chair, Murray Schwartz, PhD.

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BPSI / Emerson College minor: Psychoanalysis as Cultural Criticism

A cooperative venture between BPSI and Emerson College, this minor gives a foundation in the history of psychoanalysis, its central concepts, and contemporary applications in psychology, cultural studies, literature, and other fields. Students learn the basic ideas and methods of psychoanalysis, the ways in which these enhance understanding of human relations and creative practices, and a fuller appreciation of their usage in contemporary social and cultural theory.

Additionally, students enrolled in the minor are offered special membership status and access to the events and library resources of BPSI.

This program provides opportunities for BPSI members with special interests in the arts to teach each semester. promotes the psychological study of the arts and humanities, operating an on-line discussion forum for the continuous exchange of ideas about the psychological study of literature, the arts, psychoanalysis and psychology.

Additionally The Psyart Foundation sponsors an annual interdisciplinary conference, “Psychology and the Arts.” More information at:

Psyart operates a free, online, peer-reviewed journal featuring articles about psychological approaches to the arts:

American Imago

Almost eighty years ago, Sigmund Freud and Hanns Sachs founded the American counterpart to the Europeal journal of psychoanalysis, “Imago”, and “American Imago” was born in Boston. During this long period, the journal has been a continuous creative force, publishing excellent interdisciplinary scholarship in “Psychoanalysis and the Human Sciences” under six editors. We are very pleased to announce that, as of Spring 2018, “American Imago” has returned home. The editorship passed from Louis Rose, Executive Director of the Sigmund Freud Archives, to Murray Schwartz.

Study with Us

BPSI offers several venues for multidisciplinary psychoanalytic studies:

  • Seminars on a range of topics, offered to the public, sponsored by our program, Explorations in Mind.
  • The Affiliate Scholar Program, a one- or two- year program of study joining our Psychoanalytic Candidates in select seminars and lectures.
  • The Silberger Award, described above.

We invite your participation. Please be in touch!

Contact Us

Cathy Mitkus, Chair, Division of Interdisciplinary Psychoanalysis 617-448-6952

Murray Schwartz, COMPASS coordinator 413-253-3848

Upcoming COMPASS Events:
COMPASS programs are identified in the calendar by selecting “COMPASS” when viewing the agenda format, and they are listed in orange when viewing the calendar layout.