The following video recordings have recently been digitized and made available from the BPSI Archives. Email to request online access:

Enid Balint’s visit to BPSI. Reminiscences about British Psychoanalytic Society, W.D. Winnicott, Anna Freud, Melanie Klein, and Michael Balint. Discussants: Sanford Gifford and Enid Caldwell. Recorded at BPSI in Boston, MA, on March 8, 1989. BPSI Event Recordings Collection.

Peter Fonagy’s lecture The Changing Aims of Psychoanalysis: Interface with Empirical Data. Discussant: John Gunderson. Recorded at BPSI in Boston MA, on October 24, 1997. BPSI Event Recordings Collection.

Otto Kernberg & James Herzog at the BPSI Symposium on Aggression in the Individual and in Groups: Modes of Modulation, Organization, and Disorganization, the Influence of the Family and the Role of Authority and Discipline. Part 1 and Part 2. Recorded at BPSI in Boston, MA, on April 29, 2000. BPSI Event Recordings Collection.

From the Archives of American Psychoanalytic Association:

ApsaA Oral History Workshop # 22: Psychoanalysis in Denver up to 1985 recorded in May 1985 in Denver, CO. Chair: Leonard Hall. Panelists: Jules Coleman, Sam Kennison, David Hurst, Jule Eisenbud, Sanford Gifford, Jose Barchilon, Martin Wright, Theodore Gaensbauer, Theodore Puck, Ted Shapiro, Jacob G. Jacobson, Brandt F. Steele, George Mizner, Mr. William Jackson, Lucille Ritvo, Herb Gaskill and Homer Curtis. Video Editor: Mark Groth. ApsaA Archives.

More recent BPSI Event Recordings can be found here. Interviews with noted book authors, senior analysts, and our Kravitz award recipients can be watched here.

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