Book Sale and Donations

The Book Sale moved to the new library building. Books for sale can be found in 1st floor Community Room, arranged alphabetically by author. Everything is $1!

We are currently donating books to other psychoanalytic libraries on a first come first served basis. Please contact our librarian for details.

Library Wish List

If you wish to donate a book to our library, we have published a wish list for your convenience. Choose a title from the Hanns Sachs library book wish list on Amazon, and have the book shipped to BPSI at 141 Herrick Road, Newton Center, MA 02459, with a note to our library.

A title list is required for donations of any used books. We do not accept journal donations at this time.

We always greatly appreciate your support!

Olga Umansky, MLS, Librarian
(617) 266-0953 ext. 104