Founded fifteen years ago by Drs. Gerry Adler and Lawrence Hartmann, BPSI’s Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity consists of a group of BPSI Members committed to broadening the psychoanalytic understanding of homosexualities. We work to better understand sex, sexualities, and gender from a psychoanalytic point of view and in relationship to scientific and therapeutic aspects of psychoanalysis; and to address the complex feelings of our gay and straight colleagues about the role psychoanalysis played in pathologizing homosexualities,

Through our efforts we have sponsored lectures, symposia, a Members’ seminar, and several evening programs. Each has included brief talks followed by longer discussions that have been open to all BPSI Members, PINE and MIP members, and other allied interested healthcare professionals and academics.

In our early years, we had several lively and affect-laden sessions with colleagues both from within and outside BPSI. As part of this process, we examined our BPSI curriculum, and played some role in rethinking and revising it.

Currently, the (newly named) Committee on Gender and Sexuality offers programs, often in a discussion group format, on topics relating to LGBT and contemporary psychoanalytic theory on gender and sexuality.

Check the BPSI calendar for upcoming Programs.