BPSI Historical Files, 1935-2001

Descriptive Summary

Repository: The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
Creator: Boston Psychoanalystic Society and Institute (BPSI)
Title: BPSI Historical Files
Dates: 1935-2001
Quantity: 5 archival boxes
Abstract: This collection contains administrative and miscellaneous materials from throughout the life of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. Of particular note are materials relating to the early years of BPSI as well as 18 years worth of Audited Reports of the Treasurers.
Identification: MS-N045
Languages: Materials are in English.

Historical Note

The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (BPSI) is a membership organization with three principal programs: professional training, scientific activities, and service to the Boston and New England community of those interested in psychoanalysis and its applications. The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (BPSI) is an American Psychoanalytic Association's affiliate society. The training, postgraduate and continuing education programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education through the American Psychoanalytic Association, the American Psychological Association, and for individual programs for social workers, the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. The Boston Psychoanalytic Alliance is a division of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. BPSI became a formally recognized member of the American Psychoanalytic Association in 1933. The Hanns Sachs Library and Archives have existed since 1937.

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Scope and Content Note

The collection includes assorted correspondence, material related to plans for the building at 15 Commonwealth Avenue, administrative materials from the early years of BPSI (syllabi, class schedule, events, etc.), minutes from meetings of several different committees, including but not limited to the following committees: Financial Situation, Institute Analysis, Faculty, Education, Nominating, Executive, Review, and Librarian and Archives. Eighteen years worth of Audited Reports of the Treasurers. Various other materials.

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Restrictions to Access

If you wish to access any records in the BPSI Archives, please email library@bpsi.org or call 617-266-0953.

Some content restricted to BPSI members.

Copyright Notice

Please contact The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute for copyright information.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], in BPSI Historical Files, The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Newton, MA, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Materials collected and retained by BPSI.

Processing Information

Processing by Anna Dorste (2015). Machine readable encoding by Natalie Flammia (2015).

The materials in this collection have been re-housed in acid free folders when necessary and placed in an archival box. The original order has been preserved.

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Box 1

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f.01 Seminars and instructors, 1935-1957
f.02 Early BPSI history, American Psychoanalytic Association meetings, 1939-1949
f.03 Library reports – excerpts from minutes, 1939-1958
f.04 Peck donation – library naming, 1940-1953
f.05 Library – miscellaneous, 1941-1967
f.06 Change of name from Boston Psychoanalytic Institute to BPSI, 1946-1947
f.07 Miscellaneous material – financial file, 1948-1961
f.08 “Financial office given to Dr. Hendrick,” 1949-1958
f.09 Telephone book, pre-1952
f.10 Correspondence received from Dr. Michaels re: early history of BPSI, March 1955
f.11 Miscellaneous correspondence concerning early history, 1956-1962
f.12 Suzanne T. van Amerongen Memorial Library, 1983-1987
f.13 Mollie Schoenberg correspondence, February 1985
f.14 Oaths of allegiance signed by BPSI members [binder] 1952
f.15 Research on Massachusetts Teachers Oath, 1935-1967
f.16 Schedule for the 1949/50 seminars and related handwritten notes by Ingrid Gifford
f.17 Kris, Anton. Unlearning and Learning: BPSI Contribution, 1940-2010; The First S. Joseph Nemetz Memorial Lecture. BPSI, October 2, 2010
f.18 Note to Mr. Cabot, c1966, found in the first room Administrative Office's fireplace in 2010
Box 2

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f.f.01-17 Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute: Audited Reports of the Treasures (1948-1966) [added in 2011]
Box 3 (added in 2014 from office files)

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f.01 BPSI syllabi and reading lists, (donated by Don Lipsitt) 1960 – 1964
f.02 15 Commonwealth Avenue floor plans and certifications, 1985-1994
f.03 15 Commonwealth Avenue building renovations and open house, 1985 – 2001
f.04 15 Commonwealth Avenues slides and furniture layout diagrams, 1986
f.05 Logo, 1993
f.06 William C. Ackerly M.D. The History and Architecture of 15 Commonwealth Avenue, 1993 -2001
f.07 Nemetz room redecoration, 1996 -1998
f.08 Musical events, 1996-1999
f.09 Magnolia tree, 1997
f.10 Freud bust memo, 1997
f.11 Considering relocation from 15 Commonwealth Avenue building, 1997-1999
f.12 Materials relating to BPSI building history at 15 Commonwealth Avenue
f.13 Discussion of sale/re-modeling of 15 Commonwealth Avenue
f.14 Early BPSI directory and syllabus/curriculum, including handwritten notes
Box 4 [archivist Natalie Flammia]

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f.01 MS on Privileged Communication, by Suarez and Balcanoff (date unknown)
f.02 BPSI Committee on Institute Analysis, 1960
f.03 BPSI Committee on Financial Situation, 1960
f.04 Ad Hoc Committee on Relationship of Society to Institute (1961)
f.05 Minutes from Ad Hoc Committee on Privileged Communication (1961-1971)
f.06 BPSI constitution (copy), analyst training manual (copy), correspondence re: emergency meeting of Cte. of Training Analysts, 1962-1974
f.07 Correspondence re: Committee on Privileged Communication (and notes), 1963-1973
f.08 Faculty Committee: notes, agendas, minutes, letters (1963-1974)
f.09 Ad Hoc Committee on Preservation of Records (1964-66)
f.10 Statement to American Psychoanalytic Institute re: Special Membership, 1964
f.11 Education Committee, 1964-1975
Box 5 [archivist Natalie Flammia]

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f.01 Librarian and Archives Committee Report (1966-1968)
f.02 Review Committee (1966-1968)
f.03 Executive Committee (1966-1970)
f.04 Community Psychiatry, 1967
f.05 BPSI Nominating Committee, 1967
f.06 Dr. Valenstein, History and development of the office of the Dean, 1972
f.07 Miscellaneous - Ad Hoc Survey, Ad Hoc Cte. Art, Newsletter, 1972-1974
f.08 BPSI Faculty - Correspondence, minutes (1973)
f.09 BPSI Annual Meeting, 1973
f.10 Sanford Gifford Correspondence, 1973
f.11 BPSI Business meetings, minutes, etc., 1973-1974
f.12 Election Committee, 1973-1974
f.13 Dr. Valenstein, copies correspondence re: BPSI/PINE split, BPSI changes, etc., 1973-1974
f.14 Ad Hoc Committee: Creation, Correspondence, 1973-1974
f.15 Committee of The Whole; minutes, etc., 1973-1974
f.16 Coordinating Committee, 1973-1974
f.17 Committee on New Training Facilities (1974)
f.18 Notes on Douglas Kirsner 1981-04-19 re: BPSI-PINE 1973-75
f.19 Library and Archives Committees, Annual Report 1989
f.20 American Psychoanalytic Committee on Libraries, 1991-1992 (Correspondence and Info)
f.21 American Psychoanalytic Committee on Libraries, 1993-1994 (Correspondence and Info)