PINE Collection, 1973-2011

Descriptive Summary

Repository: The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
Creator: Psychoanalytic Institute of New England, East (PINE)
Title: PINE Collection
Dates: 1973-2011
Quantity: 1 cubic ft.
Abstract: This collection contains materials (collected by Sanford Gifford) relating to the ideological split within Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute which resulted in the 1975 formation of the Psychoanalytic Institute of New England, East (PINE), as well as materials relating to the early years of PINE.
Identification: MS-N058
Languages: Materials are in English,

Historical Note

The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute is a psychoanalytic research, training, education facility that is affiliated with the American Psychoanalytic Association and the International Psychoanalytic Association. The present society and institute (abbreviated BPSI) was founded, by psychoanalyst Franz Alexander, in 1935. The BPSI is the third oldest psychoanalytic institute in the United States; only the New York Psychoanalytic Institute and Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis are older. The Psychoanalytic Institute of New England, East (PINE) split from BPSI and formed in May 1975 under the leadership of M. Robert Gardner, MD. PINE's educational program was designed to teach psychoanalysis in a “workshop” atmosphere and is an “institute without walls.”

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Scope and Content Note

This collection contains several volumes of the PINE Newsletter, correspondence to PINE faculty, correspondence between Sanford Gifford and several individuals re: the BPSI/PINE split, materials about 50th Anniversary celebrations, PINE Postgraduate Study Group materials, several papers by various authors, as well as other assorted materials.

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Restrictions to Access

If you wish to access any records in the BPSI Archives, please email or call 617-266-0953.

No Restrictions to content.

Copyright Notice

Copyright is retained by the Psychoanalytic Institute of New England, East.

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Index of terms from Newsletters


Affect Tolerance
American Politics
Analytic Object Relationship
Child therapy
Condensed Analysis
Conflictual Listening
Free Associations
Hurricain Katrina
Language in Psychoanalysis
Leaps of Faith
Love and Idealization
Massachusetts Mental Health Center
Mind-body relationship
Modern Family
Music and Therapy
Oepdipus complex
PINE's Founding
Preverbal Memories
Psychoanalysis in Russia
Psychoanalytic Empathy
Psychoanalytic Literature
Punctuated Analysis
Reflective Functioning
Shuttle Analysis
Social Engagement
South African Literature
Teaching and Learning
Transitional Space


Barkai, Ayelet
Beaudett, Malcolm S.
Benyas, Steven
Bonner, Frances
Brotman, Carl
Busch, Fred
Dunn, Marie
Ellington, Duke
Freud, Sigmund
Gardner, Robert M.
Gedo, John
Goldsmith, Gary
Hauser, Stuart T.
Hoffer, Axel
House, Johnathan
Kerzner, Stephen
Kramer, Selma
Litowitz, Bonnie
Lovett, C.G.
Lusk, Sarah L.
Mathia, Donna
McLaughlin, James T.
Meissner, William W.
Miller, Jessica
Modell, Arnold
Ornstein, Anna
Ornstein, Paul
Pinderhughes, Charles
Prang, Laura
Prusak, Jacek
Pyles, Robert
Rand, Bliss
Rizzuto, Ana-Maria
Sashin, Jerome I.
Schwaber, Mitchell
Shaw, Linda
Shengold, Leonard
Shepherdson, Charles
Shilkoff, Deborah
Siroty, Susan
Spielrein, Sabina
Virginia Woolf
Wallerstein, Robert

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], in PINE Collection, The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Newton, MA, USA.

Acquisitions Information

All papers have been collected by Dr. Sanford Gifford and donated to the BPSI Archives in 2008.

Processing Information

Machine readable encoding by Amber M. De Angelis, updated by Natalie Flammia.

The materials in this collection have been re-housed in acid free folders when necessary and placed in an archival box.

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Box 1

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f.01 Sanford Gifford’s handwritten notes on the BPSI/Pine Split collection and email with further personal recollections of the split and PINE membership, 2009
f.02 Excerpt from the introduction to the 1973 Symposium: history of psychoanalysis in Boston (includes a preamble of PINE), p. 143-149, c 1973
f.03 Sanford Gifford’s correspondence with Dr. Reuben Fine and others regarding publication of a book on the history of psychoanalysis, 1976
f.04 BPSI meetings and correspondence related to PINE, 1975
f.05 Draft of PINE By-Laws, 1977
f.06 Sanford Gifford’s correspondence with Abraham Zaleznik about PINE, 1975
f.07 PINE correspondence to Ingrid and Sanford Gifford, 1975
f.08 PINE correspondence to Sanford Gifford, 1976
f.09 PINE correspondence to faculty and meetings, 1976
f.10 PINE correspondence to faculty and meetings, 1977
f.11 Sanford Gifford’s manuscript of review on “Psychoanalytic Politics: Freud’s French Revolution” by Sherry Turkle. Accompanied by article reprint and related correspondence, 1978
f.12 PINE Postgraduate Study Group Minutes, February 1977
f.13 PINE Postgraduate Study Group: Ana-Maria Rizzuto’s papers, Sheldon Bach’s excerpts from articles, December 28, 1977
f.14 PINE Postgraduate Study Group: correspondence, summary of Jean Laplanche “The Unconscious”, February 17, 1977
f.15 PINE Postgraduate Study Group: minutes, correspondence, notes, March 1977
f.16 PINE Postgraduate Study Group: workshop on French psychoanalytic movement, related Sanford Gifford’s correspondence with Michel Grimaud, June-July 1977
f.17 PINE Postgraduate Study Group: Discussion of Laplanche, related minutes and notes, October-November 1977
f.18 Reprints of articles by Jeffrey Mehlman and Laplanche accompanied by Pepe’s handwritten letter.
f.19 PINE Postgraduate Study Group: correspondence, minutes, 1977-1978
f.20 Reprint of Jean Roussel’s “Introduction to Jacques Lacan,” 1968, accompanied by Sanford Gifford’s handwritten notes
f.21 Reprint of Lacan’s “Purloined Letter” accompanied by Frances Bonner’s letter to Sanford Gifford, 1976
f.22 PINE Postgraduate Study Group: reprint of Jean Laplanche and J.-B. Pontalis “Vocabulaire”, meeting correspondence, September 1976
Box 2

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f.01 PINE Postgraduate Study Group: Discussion of Sherry R. Turkle’s “Epilogue”, Sanford Gifford’s notes and presentations, 1978
f.02 PINE Postgraduate Study Group: announcements, meetings, - 1978 1979
f.03 PINE correspondence to faculty and meetings, 1978
f.04 PINE correspondence to faculty and meetings, 1979
f.05 PINE brochure, 1979
f.06 PINE correspondence to faculty and meetings, 1980
f.07 PINE correspondence to faculty and meetings, 1981
f.08 PINE correspondence to faculty and meetings, 1982
f.09 PINE correspondence and meetings, 1983
f.10 PINE amended by-laws, - 1982 1983
f.11 PINE brochure, - 1983 1984
f.12 PINE correspondence to faculty and meetings, 1984
Box 3

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Volume 3 Number 3, Winter 1991
Volume 11 Number 2, Spring 1999
Volume 13 Number 1, Winter 2001
Volume 13 Number 2, Spring/Summer 2001
Volume 17 Number 2, Winter 2005
Volume 17 Number 3, Spring 2005
Volume 18 Number 1, Fall 2005
Volume 18 Number 2, Winter 2006
Volume 18 Number 4, Summer 2006
Volume 19 Number 2, Winter 2007
Volume 19 Number 3, Summer 2007
Volume 20 Number 3, Winter 2008
Volume 20 Number 4, Fall 2008
Volume 20 Number 5, Winter 2008
Volume 21 Number 1, Summer 2009
Volume 21 Number 3, Winter 2010
Volume 21 Number 4, Spring 2010
Volume 22 Number 1, Fall 2010
Volume 22 Number 2, Winter 2011
Box 4

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f.01 BPSI Constitution, 1966
f.02 Correspondence and proposals re: Split, 1973-1974
f.03 American Psychoanalytic Society Site visit, Feb. 1974: Report and Correspondence
f.04 BPSI-Pine Split 1974
f.05 Gifford Intro to BPSI/PINE split, findings of APSA visit, and correspondence with BPSI and APSA members re: split (1975)
f.06 American Psychoanalytic Association by-laws on ethics, 1975
f.07 Brochure of the N.Y. Psychoanalytic Institute and Society: MS and published pamphlet, 1979
f.08 Committees and Planning for 50th Anniversary
f.09 Dr. John Gedo, "And I will Gather the Remanant...," MS for 50th Anniversary
f.10 Dr. Robert Wallerstein, "Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy...," MS for 50th Anniversary
f.11 Dr. Arnold Modell, "The Two Contexts of the Self," MS for 50th Anniversary
f.12 Dr. Charles Pinderhughes, "Differential Bonding...," MS for 50th Anniversary
f.13 Dr. Selma Kramer, MS for 50th Anniversary
f.14 Intro to 1983 BPSI 50th Anniversary, various older MSs corrected by Sanford Gifford, and notes
f.15 Bibliography for Women and Psychoanalysis Symposium, 50th Anniversary
f.16 Various correspondence re: 50th Anniversary (Bernays, Menninger, Kahana, Hendrick-Rusnak, Jacobs, Veltfort)