Judy L. Kantrowitz (1938- ) Papers, 1973-2011 (Ongoing)

Descriptive Summary

Repository: The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
Creator: Judy L. Kantrowitz Ph.D., 1938-
Title: Judy L. Kantrowitz (1938- ) Papers
Dates: 1973-2011 (Ongoing)
Quantity: 4 archival boxes
Abstract: This collection focuses on the unpublished works, research, lectures, and discussions of Judy L. Kantrowitz through her professional life. Series I (Conference Papers, Panels & Discussions – 1973-2011) contains papers relating to conferences at which she presented. Series II (Research, Articles & Books (Published & Unpublished) - 1973-2008) contains papers relating to her research, published, and unpublished works.
Identification: MS-N060
Languages: Materials are in English

Historical Note

Judy L. Kantrowitz, PhD is a Training and Supervising Analyst at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society & Institute (BPSI), and an Associate Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School. She is on the Editorial Board of Psychoanalytic Quarterly, and the author of the following: “The Myths of Termination,” “Writing about Patients” and “The Patient’s Impact on the Analyst.”

Dr. Kantrowitz was born on June 7, 1938, and lived in Brooklyn until she went to college. She attended Pembroke College through her sophomore year, and then transferred to Sarah Lawrence College in New York to be with and marry her husband, Paul, who was then a medical intern at Mount Sinai Hospital. She went to the University of Maryland for her master’s degree and then worked for a year as a school psychologist in the Baltimore public school system. The following year, they moved to Boston where she completed her training getting a PhD in Clinical Psychology at Boston University in 1965.

Dr. Kantrowitz began her first job at the Beth Israel Hospital where many of the psychiatry staff were BPSI trained analysts. The work was very stimulating and her supervisors also encouraged to seek psychoanalytic training. She applied for certification as an analyst as soon as she graduated from clinical training BPSI in 1972, but she was told to wait until she had a patient terminate. Once this occurred in the mid-1980s, she completed the certification process. Shortly after this, she was invited to apply to become a training and supervising analyst, which she became in 1989.

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Scope and Content Note

The Judy L. Kantrowitz (1938- ) Papers, 1973-2011, 4 manuscript boxes, document her unpublished works, research, lectures, and discussions through her professional life. The papers contain the various works, copies of the papers she gave at lectures, and the correspondence between the different organizations and herself regarding those lectures. The collection also contains unpublished correspondence about her published works and discusses published works she reviewed. Little personal correspondence is contained in the collection. Dr. Kantrowitz stated that the major focus of the collection can be traced to the patient-analyst match research, and the work that she has done through endings of cases and life in a psychoanalytic mindset.

Audio of a 2017 interview with Dr. Kantrowitz for the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and a copy of a full autobiographical note by Dr. Kantrowitz can be found in the first folder of Box I.

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Restrictions to Access

The records are open access for research and require the author’s permission for publications.

If you wish to access any records in the BPSI Archives, please email library@bpsi.org or call 617-266-0953.

Copyright Notice

Please contact The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute for copyright information.

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Psychoanalysis--Case studies
Women and psychoanalysis

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Personal Names:

Blum, Harold P., 1929-
Emde, Robert N
Gardner, Robert
Jacobs, Daniel H., 1937
Kantrowitz, Judy Leopold, 1938-
Kris, Anton O., 1934-
Modell, Arnold H., 1924-
Moore, Alan
Orgel, Shelley
Siegel, Miriam G.
Stern, Donnel B.
Strupp, Hans H.
Vachon, Louis
Weissman, Avery

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American Psychoanalytic Association
International Journal of Psychoanalysis
Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association. Monograph series

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], in the Judy L. Kantrowitz (1938- ) Papers, 1973-2011 (Ongoing), [Series name and number, box number, folder number] The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Newton, MA, USA

Acquisitions Information

Series I and II were donated to the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute by Judy L. Kantrowitz in May 2017.

Processing Information

Processed by Drew Nelson Brydon (May-July 2017). Encoded by Drew Nelson Brydon (June-July 2016). The personal name index contains mainly collaborators, and the names that appear in the collection several times.

The materials in this collection have been placed in acid free folders and housed in an archival manuscript box. All paperclips and staples have been removed and replaced by Plastic Clips for the sake of preserving the documents and preventing rusting. The folders have been reordered into series based on dates represented in folders. Documents inside folders maintain original order.

All files have been digitized and are located at H:\Archives\Archives\Kantrowitz.

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Series I. Conference Papers, Panels & Discussions – 1973-2011

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Box I. Conference Papers, Panels & Discussions – 1973-1999

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f.01 “Evaluation of suitability for psychoanalysis” – Discussion – APA – 1973
f.02 “Feminist therapy or good therapy for women” – Symposium – Orthopsychiatry panel – Spring 1973
f.03 Discussion of Winslow Hunt's paper – “Maternal unlovingness” – APSAA – 1977
f.04 “Role of attachment in separation and divorce" – MA Medical Society – 1979
f.05 Discussion of Paul Kaye's paper – Incest dream – APA – Fall 1980
f.06 Discussion of Stolorow and Atwood's paper – “Phenomenology of the dream” – Massachusetts General Hospital – 1981
f.07 Unpublished paper on self-psychology – MIT Humanities Conference – 1981
f.08 Discussion of Sylvia Brody and Siegel paper – APSAA – 1986
f.09 "Methods for assessing personality structure" – Society for Psychotherapy Research Panel – 1986
f.10 Beth Israel Grand Rounds – Presentation – January 1987
f.11 Discussion of Lichentenbeg & Burland theory & technique – BPSI Members Seminar – 1987
f.12 “Interpretation of transference” – Tufts symposium – 1987
f.13 “Outcome of psychoanalysis” – Boston University Medical School Presentation – 1987
f.14 “Psychology of the analyst” – Workshop presentation – APSAA – 1988
f.15 Lectures, lists and correspondence – 1988-1990
f.16 Discussion of Hans Strupp research – Division 39 – APA – 1989
f.17 Outcome study and discussions – IPA Congress –Rome – 1989
f.18 Symposium – “Psychoanalytic research” – Division 39 – APA – 1989
f.19 “Analyst Style” – Lectures – Philadelphia and Milwaukie – 1990
f.20 Confrontation paper – HMS essentials series in psychotherapy – 1990
f.21 Discussion of case match – MAPP – 1991
f.22 Discussion of Bennett Simon and Rachel Blass seduction theory – BPSI – 1992
f.23 Presentations and correspondence – 1992-1999
f.24 Impasse and letter from Tony Kris on impasse paper – North Shore Grand Rounds – 1993
f.25 “The Self of the Psychotherapist” – Unpublished discussion – Cambridge Hospital Series – 1993
f.26 Discussion of Sherwood Waldron's efficacy of psychoanalysis – APSAA – 1993
f.27 Discussion of Ornstein and Sandler's papers – West Point Conference – 1994
f.28 Match program for fellows – Jenny Stuart – APA – Winter 1995
f.29 “A different view of psychoanalysis” – JAPA – Discussion – Ana-Maria Rizzuto – PINE – 1996
f.30 “Difficult patients and fit with analyst” – NYPSI – 1996-1999
f.31 Discussion of Kulish and Holtzman paper – IPA Congress – 1997
f.32 Therapeutic alliance – Unpublished – IPA Research Conference – London – 1997
f.33 "Theories of cures” – BU Medical Center Grand Rounds – 1998
f.34 Franz Alexander Institute Lecture – LA Institute – 1999
Box II. Conference Papers, Panels & Discussions – 2000-2011

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f.01 “Vicissitudes of the patient” – Analyst match – North Carolina Institute – 2000
f.02 Charles Fischer Memorial Lecture – “Tell me your theory” – NYPSI – 2001
f.03 Analytic goals and life goals panel – APA – Philadelphia – 2002
f.04 Discussions of triadic match paper – 2002
f.05 BPSI Members Seminar – Theories – Discussant – 2002
f.06 Introduction to Anton O. Kris (Tony) plenary – APSAA – 2003
f.07 Discussion of Harry Smith's paper – “Analyst's fantasy of ideal patient” – PINE – 2003
f.08 Discussion Zoe Grusky's paper – APSAA – 2003
f.09 “Writing about patients” – NYPSI – 2003
f.10 Discussion by Ann Ereich – “Writing about patients” – APSAA – 2004
f.11 Paper on Termination – Discussion by Fernando – Toronto – 2004
f.12 The analyst’s process – “Why do analyst’s write” – APSAA – 2004
f.13 Paper on ethics – BPSI Lecture – 2004
f.14 Discussion of Dick Fritsch and Lindsay Clarkson – Peer supervision – New Directions Conference – 2005
f.15 “Confidentiality and ethics” – Western New England Institute – 2005
f.16 “Match and Mismatch in Psychoanalytic Work” – Academic Lecture – BPSI – 2005
f.17 Discussion of paper by Judy Kantrowitz – Steven Goldberg – Writing about patients – 2005(?)
f.18 Andy Morrison's feshrift – Paper – 2005(?)
f.19 “Impasses and match” – Member's Seminar – BPSI – 2006
f.20 Tribute to Herb Schlesinger – APsaA – Winter 2007
f.21 “Limits of empathy” – Symposium – Mount Sinai – 2007
f.22 Panel introduction – Writing about patients – Allanah Furlong and Arnold Goldberg, presenters – APA – 2007(?)
f.23 “Writing about patients and the therapeutic process” – Toronto Institute – 2007
f.24 “Personal use of pluralistic training” – Discussion of Samuel Zysman and Beatriz Bernandi – IPA – Berlin - July, 2007
f.25 Rolf Zeibell plenary – IPA – Berlin - July, 2007
f.26 “Knowing and not knowing if analysis is working” – Panel – Division 39 – April 2008
f.27 Discussion of Stanley Tietelbaum's paper – “The changing psychoanalytic scene” – Division 39 – APA – 2008
f.28 Discussion of Harry Smith's paper – Forgiveness – PINE – 2008
f.29 “Trauma in the transference” – Discussion panel – APA – 2008
f.30 PEFB panel – Why psychoanalysis? – 2008
f.31 “Contemporary views of working through” – Intersubjectivity – IPTAR conference – November 2011
f.32 “The others in the room” – Orgel – BPSI lecture – Introduction – 2011
f.33 Discussion of case studies and the therapeutic relationship – Online virtual mentor – 2011
f.34 Deepening – Panel – APA – 2011
Series II. Research, Articles & Books (Published & Unpublished) – 1973-2008

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Box III. Research, Articles & Books (Published & Unpublished) – 1973-1994

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f.01 Research in psychoanalytic process letter – 1973-1984
f.02 Grants from APsaA letters – 1977-1981
f.03 Transference to authority in training – Unpublished paper – 1980's
f.04 The Rorschach: A Developmental Approach – Unpublished book – 1980's
f.05 Letters on patient-analyst match research – 1982-1988
f.06 Proposal for a prospective study of the patient-analyst match – mid-1980s
f.07 First acceptance of patient-analyst match paper – Annual of Psychoanalysis – 1984
f.08 Deutsch Prize letter – From BPSI - 1985
f.09 Book review of Bellack, Ego Functions – JAPA – 1985
f.10 On analyzability – Summary of outcome research status – BPSI newsletter – 1985
f.11 Miriam Siegel book review – 1986
f.12 Review of Sampson and Weiss's "The Psychoanalytic Process" – JAPA – 1987
f.13 Patient-analyst synchrony scale – 1987(?)
f.14 Letters on patient-analyst match research for JAPA – 1987-1989
f.15 Match reactions and letters – 1987-1989
f.16 National outcome study letters – Robert Wallerstein – 1990
f.17 “The analyst’s style” reviews – JAPA – 1990
f.18 Critique of outcome research and response – San Francisco – 1990
f.19 Quantitative research by Shulman – Review – 1991
f.20 Comments by Bob Emde and Ted Shapiro on outcome paper – Empirical issue – JAPA – 1992
f.21 Reactions to “The uniqueness of the patient-analyst pair” – 1993
f.22 Chapter in psychoanalytic textbook – Materials – 1993-1994
f.23 Supervisee-supervisor study – Unpublished paper – 1994
f.24 Blurb about JAPA – 1994
f.25 Reactions from IJP – Beneficial match – 1994
Box IV. Research, Articles & Books (Published & Unpublished) – 1994-2008

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f.01 Correspondence, reviews, reactions to "The patient's impact on the analyst" – 1994-2004
f.02 Review of analytic outcome research – Psychoanalytic Inquiry – 1997
f.03 Review of “role of preconscious” – JAPA – 1997
f.04 Unformulated experience – book review – Donnel Stern – IJP – 1998
f.05 “Pathways to self-knowledge” – IJP – 1999
f.06 Invitation to write chapter on match – Correspondence – 2000-2003
f.07 Jay Greenberg's response to discussion of paper – JAPA – 2001
f.08 Clinical and observational psychoanalytic research – Book review – Psychoanalytic Quarterly – 2001
f.09 Reviews of “The external observer and the patient-analyst match” – IJP – 2001
f.10 Reviews of dreams paper – JAPA – 2001
f.11 Italian annual IJP – letter of inclusion – 2004
f.12 Discussion Gabbard-Weston debate on therapeutic action – IJP – Lopez – 2004
f.13 Introduction for match paper included in Arnold Cooper's book – American Psychoanalysis Today – 2004
f.14 Reviews of “Writing about patients” – Psychoanalytic Quarterly – 2004
f.15 Letter in response to Laurie Slade – Writing about patients – IJP – Reaction to International Analyst – 2004
f.16 Reviews from JAPA – “Writing about patients IV” – 2004
f.17 Reviews and responses to Writing about psychoanalysis – 2007
f.18 Comments on multiple theory paper – 2007
f.19 Writing about patients – JAPA Netscape – 2008
f.20 Supervision paper – Freudian Society – Written with Daniel Jacobs - May 2008