BPSI Member Andrea Celenza’s newest manuscript Transference, Love Being: Essential Essays from the Field was released in 2022 and will be featured in BPSI’s Meet the Author event this October. Click the link here to purchase this book.

Book Description

Through a series of expansive essays, Transference, Love, Being explores the centrality of love in psychoanalytic practice. Starting with the immersion of the analyst, this book reimagines several aspects of the psychoanalytic process, including transference, countertransference, boundaries, embodiment, subjectivity and eroticism.

To love is to cultivate to be. Psychoanalysis, as essentially vitalizing, is a playspace for taboo subjects within clear and safe parameters. Interweaving loving, being and perceiving, this book provides challenging new perspectives on the analysts’s subjectivity, receptivity and its immersive influence on the analytic process.

These essays refine theoretical understandings of the irreducible and omnipresent nature of love in psychoanalysis, thereby offering clarity to psychoanalysts, psychodynamic therapists and scholars through the often-prohibited love and eroticism, here viewed as indispensable psychoanalytic theory and practice.

About the Author

Andrea Celenza, PhD, is a training and supervising analyst at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School. She is also adjunct faculty at the NYU Post-Doctoral Program in Psychoanalysis. She has written numerous papers on love, sexuality and psychoanalysis. She offers two online courses and is the recipient of several awards. Her writings have been translated into Italian, Spanish, Korean, Russian and Farsi. She is in private practice in Lexington, Massachusetts, USA.