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New books, upcoming events, archival research and ongoing projects are described in the Summer 2019 issue of the library newsletter. Visit our beautiful library at 141 Herrick Rd in Newton, MA. Our academic year hours are 9:30am-9:30pm on Mon-Thu, 9:30am-5:00pm on Fri. Our summer hours for July and August are Mon-Thu, 10am-6pm.

Check out the library exhibit of photographs by Jon K. Meyer, MD, entitled “In the Mind’s Eye”. The four images, installed behind the large table in the library, are rotated every two weeks to show a total sequence of eight photographs representing the course of an imaginary analysis:

  1. Self-Reflection
  2. Sadness at the Core
  3. Transference-and Countertransference-Dream
  4. There Are Two of Us in This
  5. A Second Dream in Analytic Space and Time
  6. This is Infuriating
  7. There is a Devil in Me, but its Rage Not Sin
  8. It’s Me, Just Complicated Me

According to Meyer’s artist statement, these images hope to capture “part of the sweep of an analysis from self-assessment, depression, eroticized transference and countertransference, and anger to acceptance of who one is.” For more information, visit Jon Meyer’s web site or see his captivating art on your next visit to the library.

Meet the Author – Daniel Jacobs – Monday, Sep 23, 7:30-9:30pm

The Distance from Home (IPBooks, 2019) is a new book and the first work of fiction by Daniel Jacobs, MD, a BPSI Training and Supervising Analyst and Director of our Library. The novel tells a captivating story of seven friends on a life journey to Nepal. For Hannah Avery, unmarried and 37, the future looks dim. Left by her lover, disparaged by her boss, she wonders whether she can ever be at home in the world. When she joins friends for a trek in Nepal, she finds herself dealing with their precarious marriages while she tries to figure out her own future. A former lover is on the trip and eager to resume their relationship. Also in the group is a psychiatrist who is on the verge leaving his marriage for an affair with a patient. Left behind by her friends when she falls ill, Hannah returns to Kathmandu in the company of her former lover and a Sherpa guide. While recovering, she torn by her love for two men, one she knows and one whose life and political views frighten her.

Daniel Jacobs is the author of numerous psychoanalytic articles and book reviews and The Supervisory Encounter (1995). Among his other publications are Edward Bibring Photographs the Psychoanalysts of His Time (1932-1938) (2005) and Grete Bibring: A Culinary Biography (2015). His new novel is available in the library and will be on sale at the book event.

Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, 141 Herrick Rd, Newton MA

7:30 p.m. wine & cheese reception

8:00 p.m. book discussion in the library

9:15 p.m. book sale and signing

This event is free to public, but please register to ensure your seats.

Recent Publications by Our Members and Library Corner Blog

Read about new publications by BPSI members in the BPSI AuthorsRecent Work, and Film Series sections of the website. Don’t forget to check the Library Corner Blog where we post interviews with authors, book reviews by members, and other library related news.

Recent Video Interviews

The Library Committee continues interviewing noted book authors, senior analysts, and is also involved in the production of interviews of The Arthur R. Kravitz Award recipients. Click here to watch all interviews recorded to-date.

In the Archives

Latest acquisitions, research, visitors, and inquiries are described in the latest Library Newsletter Summer 2019 issue.

BPSI Collaboration with WGBH Archives

Grete Bibring’s video interview with Oliver Cope has been posted online! Click on the link to view: Psychoanalysis: A Personal View, WGBH, 1975. In the fall of 2013, BPSI Archives worked with the WGBH Archives, becoming curators of WGBH’s Psychology One programs from the 1957-58 and a video recording of Grete Bibring’s Interview with Oliver Cope, 1975. Our archivist, Olga Umansky, MLS, teamed up with Murray Cohen, PhD, a long time BPSI member, to create a historic commentary to the televised psychology lectures of Dr. Edwin Boring (click here to watch Psychology One episodes online). Sanford Gifford, MD, Director of BPSI Archives, shared his biographical notes about Hanns Sachs, who was Dr. Boring’s analyst and journal co-editor. BPSI Archives also contributed a transcript, metadata, and various biographical materials to contextualize Grete Bibring’s interview with Dr. Cope (DVD is available on loan from the library). WGBH’s Media Library and Archives are attempting to digitize their historic video collections with the support of the Melon Foundation and American Archive. You can read about WGBH’s digital preservation efforts in the Boston Globe article from November 15, 2013.

Please contact Olga Umansky, MLS, Librarian/Archivist, for any questions about BPSI library and archives.

(617) 266-0953 ext. 104

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