Our faculty draws from an extensive list of experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic clinical scholars. Many are nationally-recognized leaders in the field, present their work nationally and internationally, and publish frequently in major psychoanalytic journals.


Psychoanalytic training attracts a wide range of professionals who are united by their commitment to deepening their clinical work through in-depth and sustained study of psychoanalysis. BPSI Candidates are licensed clinicians from diverse backgrounds, some well into their careers, others just beginning. They include psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, pastoral counselors, mental health workers, nurses, psychology post-doctoral students, fourth-year psychiatry residents or fellows, and others.

BPSI Candidates enjoy the full benefits the BPSI Community has to offer:

  • Candidates are full voting members at BPSI.
  • BPSI Candidates are invited to participate on committees, academic lectures, member seminars, our film discussion series “Off the Couch,” and a wide array of other programs.
  • Candidates are supported by BPSI Members and faculty to become psychoanalytic supervisors and teachers, and may apply to become faculty after graduation.
  • Advanced Candidates may teach in BPSI’s Explorations in Mind program, offering multidisciplinary psychoanalytic courses to the broader community and, in some instances, in the psychotherapy training programs.
  • BPSI Candidates are active members of the local, national, and international psychoanalytic communities. After graduation, there are unparalleled resources for continued learning and professional development.
  • Candidates train in small classes where they have an opportunity to make life-long, collegial relationships. After classes have been completed, many cohorts choose to continue in study-groups to the support the educational benefits they have discovered at BPSI, for many years to follow.
  • Learning takes place in small classes and with individual supervisors who are experienced in helping clinicians enhance and improve their skills in a way that is particular and tailor-made for each individual.

Training at BPSI offers a stimulating and diverse psychoanalytic local, national and international community that provides unparalleled opportunities for lifelong learning and professional development.

As an Affiliate Institute of the American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) and the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA), BPSI’s Candidates are eligible to join and take advantage of benefits of membership in both APsaA and the IPA.

Many of our Candidates have young families and welcome the flexibility BPSI offers in seminars and clinical work. Those who are considering relocating may begin at BPSI with the option to transfer to another recognized APsaA Institute.


Enhance Your Professional Education

Meet Colleagues

  • APsaA offers social, scientific, and political networking opportunities. The Association is small enough for all members to be meaningfully involved, yet large enough to provide a diversity of experience and perspectives.
  • Networking opportunities with senior analysts and other candidates.
  • Opportunities for referrals.

Participate Online

  • Receive one alphabetical and two geographic listings in the “Find an Analyst” Member Directory. Add a link from your APsaA online listing directly to your own personal webpage.
  • Subscribe to APsaA’s active e-mail lists, including timely news and announcements as well as online discussions.
  • Access useful information in the “members only” section of the APsaA web site.

Share in a Variety of Group Benefits

Participate in Advancing Psychoanalysis

  • Become part of the voice that advocates for psychoanalysis across the country.
  • Magnify your voice on health care reform.

Click here for further information on the benefits of candidate membership in APsaA.

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