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2022-2023 Rates

Member Dues

Member Tuition

Psychoanalyst Member: $1,630.00

Candidate Member Tuition Yrs 1-5: $3,800.00

Academic Member in Psychoanalysis: $1,630.00

Candidate Member Tuition Yrs 6+: $1,630.00

Academic Member in Psychoanalysis (Grandfathered Rate): $750.00

ATP In-Seminar Member Tuition: $2,600.00

Psychotherapist Member: $1,155.00

ATP Post Seminar Member Tuition: $1,155.00

Psychotherapist Member (Grandfathered Rate): $750.00

ATP Post Seminar Member Tuition (Grandfathered): $750.00

Academic Member in Psychotherapy: $1,155.00

Candidate Member in Child Psychoanalysis: $1,7630.00

Academic Member in Psychotherapy (Grandfathered): $750.00

Candidate Member in Child Psychoanalysis – Post Seminar: $1,220.00

Adjunct Member: $650.00

Candidate Member in Child Psychoanalysis – Post Seminar (Grandfathered): $545.00

Corresponding Member: $515.00

Fellowship Member Tuition: $2,600.00

Affiliate Scholar Member Dues: $600.00

Affiliate Scholar Student Member Tuition: $1,375.00
Partner Dues

Community Partner: $510.00

Community Partner –
Reduced Fee: $100.00

Fellowship Alum Partnership: $135.00

There is a small annual increase in dues and tuition. 2023-2024 dues and tuition will be available after March 1, 2023.

Please call us at 617-266-0953 ext. 101 to arrange payment for Senior/Life Member Dues.