Candidates may choose their personal psychoanalyst from the list of experienced and vetted BPSI psychoanalysts. Under some circumstance, discussed in the next section, Candidates may choose to have a training psychoanalysis with an analyst who is not affiliated with BPSI.

Approval of Personal Analyst to serve as Training Analyst

Under some circumstances, in order to avoid interrupting an existing treatment with an analyst who is not a BPSI Training and Supervising Analyst, BPSI will apply for a waiver to accept the ongoing personal analysis as a training analysis. Considerations as to whether an ongoing personal analysis might be accepted to continue as the “training analysis” include the following provisions:

  1. The Candidate’s personal analyst must meet eligibility requirements including:
    • Having graduated from an institute of the American Psychoanalytic Association or the International Psychoanalytic Association five years ago or longer
    • OR For graduates of a non-IPA institute for five years or longer, be accepted to full psychoanalyst membership at BPSI.
    • Be in good ethical standing
    • Have shown an immersion in conducting psychoanalytic treatments, to include:

      Since graduation the analyst has experience treating four non-psychotic individuals in 4x/week analysis. Two of those cases have been in treatment for at least three years.

      The total number of analytic hours seen by the analyst since graduation is a minimum of 1800 hours of 4x/week cases. This may include hours for control cases seen after graduation.

      The analyst demonstrates evidence of independent work by having at least two new cases started after graduation.

  2. Questions regarding eligibility for a TA Waiver are addressed before an applicant is assigned interviewers. The Candidate’s analyst may review the Waiver Process and discuss eligibility with a designee of the TA Waiver Committee. The TA Waiver Committee will review the application and may meet with the applicant analyst for an informational interview. If the basic requirements are met, BPSI would apply for waiver approval.

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