Fall 2021

Video Seminar: Observation of Infants and Young Children with Alexandra Harrison, MD & Sarah Birss, MD

Winter 2021-2022

Developmental Aspects of Masochism with Frances Lang LICSW

Spring 2022

Clinical Seminar on “The Piggle” including focus on Writing with Judy Yanof, MD & Lisa Citrin, LICSW

Previous Year Curriculum

2020-2021 Curriculum

Child Technique Through the Lens of Psychopathology with Anthony Bram, PhD & Dov Fogel, MD

“The Imaginative Triad: Dreaming, Playing and Reverie” with Lawrence Brown, PhD

Continuous Case Seminar with Rona Knight, PhD & Frederick Meisel, MD

2019-2020 Curriculum
Child Psychoanalytic Technique through the Lens of Development with David Levoy, MD and Samuel Roth, PhD

The History of Child Analysis: Donald Winnicott with Karen Melikian, PhD

Clinical Case Seminar with Sarah Birss, MD and Kimberly Boyd, MD

2018-2019 Curriculum

Beginning A Child Psychoanalysis with Allen Palmer, MD

Clinical Technique in Child Analysis with Steve Ablon, MD and Jim Herzog, MD

The Oedipus and Triangularity with Larry Brown, PhD

2016-2017 Curriculum

Developmental Theory in the 21st Century

Working with Parents

2015-2016 Curriculum

Autistic Phenomena

2013-2014 Curriculum

Child Analytic Continuous Case with Emphasis on Latency Development, Technique and Play

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