BPSI Archives

The BPSI Archives were founded to identify, preserve, and make accessible records of permanent historic, legal or administrative value which document the history of BPSI and the activity of its members from as early as 1914. The Archives serve as a collective memory of BPSI and, thereby, contain historic documents, administrative records, personal papers, audio and video tapes, photographs and other materials pertaining to the history of BPSI and of psychoanalysis in general.

Collections are open to all Members, Candidates, friends of BPSI, researchers and scholars. Access to the BPSI Archives must be requested in writing to Veronica Davis, MA, MLS, Librarian/Archivist, and supported by a statement of purpose.

The Archives contain monographs and other materials published by BPSI members, and have an active oral history program, recording and preserving interviews of analysts and others connected to BPSI. All collections are housed in the Archives Room, accessible through the library. 

Collection Index

Photographs and Exhibits

Audiovisual Materials

Pay for Archival Services Online

For further information regarding access, please refer to the Archives Policies & Services, email library@bpsi.org or call BPSI at 617-266-0953 ext. 104.

Archival Service Fees

For Archival Documents

Research Fee$10 per hour of required research/scanning
Pricing per document.25 cents ($5 minimum)
Pricing per folder, up to 50 pages$10
Pricing per folder, over 50 pages$25

For Archival Photographs

Photographs $15
Photographs for publication$100

For Archival Audio/Video

Shared audio file$10
CD of audio file$15
BPSI Program or course$25
Video file from archive$25