BPSI Archives Policies and Services

Archival Service Fees

For Archival Documents

Research Fee$10 per hour of required research/scanning
Pricing per document.25 cents ($5 minimum)
Pricing per folder, up to 50 pages$10
Pricing per folder, over 50 pages$25

For Archival Photographs

Photographs $15
Photographs for publication$100

For Archival Audio/Video

Shared audio file$10
CD of audio file$15
BPSI Program or course$25
Video file from archive$25

Click here to pay for archival services online or send your check made payable to BPSI to the address below. Thanks!


The BPSI Archives will collect official records of the Society and the Institute, including printed materials, minutes, committee files, official correspondence, publications, audio-video recordings of meetings and other official events, photographs.  The Archives will also collect non-official records as follows:

  • historically valuable papers of BPSI members who played a significant role in the organization, or in the history of Boston psychoanalysis.
  • one signed, non-circulating copy of books written by BPSI members.
  • photographs of BPSI activities, or photographs of BPSI members in activities relating to their field.
  • oral histories of members and employees of BPSI, or of others who have major recollections of those members or employees.
  • news articles related to activities of BPSI, the professional activities of its members, and the practice of psychoanalysis in Boston.

Please note: acceptance of non-official records depends on archival appraisal and recommendation, the signing of a deed of gift form by the authorized owner, and the ability of the BPSI Archives to properly care for the items.


Criteria for Refusing Collections

The following materials are not ordinarily accepted:

  • records not specific to BPSI or to the history and practice of psychoanalysis in the greater Boston area.
  • monographs, unless written by members, or specific to BPSI or the history of psychoanalysis in Boston.
  • manuscripts, proofs, preprints or reprints of published works, unless written by a member and not otherwise available in the Society’s Library.
  • large bodies of scientific or technical materials, patient records, and records already duplicated in the BPSI Archives.



All records generated and received by BPSI employees in the performance of official duties are the property of BPSI, and will not be removed or destroyed without the approval of the Administrative Director.

No record may be disposed unless in accordance with the procedures and schedules established by the Archives and agreed upon by the members of the BPSI Library Committee.


Record Management

Some of the BPSI manuscript collections, photographs, and audio recordings are cataloged and could be searched in the Online Library Catalog.  The manuscripts and personal papers are usually cataloged as one record representing the entire collection, whereas photographs, portraits, and audio tapes are represented by a single record for each item. Please refer to individual Collections to see details and search tips concerning each particular archive.


Preservation Policy

The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute would like to ensure that its Archives remain available and well preserved for current and future use by the psychoanalytical research community. All valuable records are stored in a climate controlled space; archival quality tools and supplies are used to avoid damage and deterioration of individual documents. There is an ongoing effort to convert most valuable materials, especially photographs, audio recordings and important handwritten manuscripts, into digital format. When established, the BPSI digital library will ease access to the contents of archival documents, enabling use that does not require handling of the original fragile materials.


Use of Records

Access to the Archives will usually be permitted unless records are fragile and would be damaged by use, in which case digital or print copies could be provided. Access to materials concerning individuals may be subject to rules and restrictions specified in the donor’s agreement. Please note that many records in the BPSI Archives — including photographs, oral history interviews, and private correspondence — may be copyrighted.  It is a user’s responsibility to identify the copyright owner and to obtain permission before making use of this material in any way. If you wish to access any records in the BPSI Archives, please email library@bpsi.org or call 617-266-0953 ext. 104.