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BPSI is an Institute that values in-person learning. While BPSI courses, analyses, and supervision are being conducted remotely during the pandemic, we intend for classes to move to in-person once it is safe to do so. 

The BPSI Education Committee is remaining open and evaluating  policies post-pandemic virtual supervisions and treatments, but no firm policies have been decided. We are accepting applicants who will be able to train in-person once safety allows.

Please submit all training applications and related materials (letters of reference etc.) via email to admissions@bpsi.org. Application fees may be paid online.

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The largest APsaA- and IPA– affiliated institute in the country, BPSI is a vibrant professional and educational community of psychoanalysts, psychoanalytic therapists, and interdisciplinary scholars, devoted to the study and practice of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and the applications of psychoanalysis in the community, medicine, and the arts.

BPSI supports the education and individual developmental trajectories of Candidates, students and graduates throughout their professional lives.

Our diverse commitments include outreach to schools of social work, psychology, and psychiatry, and medicine, supporting psychoanalytic research, and supporting and honoring psychoanalytic work in the community.

BPSI offers the following education and training programs:


The decision to pursue psychoanalytic and psychotherapy training is a highly individual one.  Many people are available to help you decide which BPSI program may fit a particular time in your professional development, to answer questions, and to help facilitate your application to the Fellowship, Advanced Training Program, or the Adult and Child Training Programs in Psychoanalysis. Students, candidates and recent graduates of all programs are also available to talk with you about their experience at BPSI.

We invite you to talk further with us about BPSI’s training programs and your clinical and learning needs and interests, and we are happy to match you with individuals who can respond further to your questions. You can contact either Alison Phillips, MD, Chair, Training Outreach Committee (781-237-2335) or Catherine Kimble, MD, Executive Director (781-861-8206).