BPSI’s Social Awareness Committee works to integrate social, political, and cultural issues into the life of the Institute in ways that expand the impact of psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic thinking, and psychoanalytic practice and enrich psychoanalytic service to the community.

The Committee keeps Members informed about groups and activities addressing social justice, and communicates to the community about relevant BPSI programs, enabling BPSI Members to learn from others and share an analytic perspective on social issues.

If you would like to learn more about our activities, get involved, or partner with us, please contact BPSI’s Social Awareness Committee Co-Chairs: Deborah Choate, MD (dchoate123@comcast.net) and Jane Keat, PsyD (jekeat@gmail.com).

Check the BPSI calendar and What’s New at BPSI for upcoming programs.