We offer two integrated training programs in adult psychotherapy: the one-year Fellowship in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and the three-year Advanced Training Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (ATP). Together they are designed to help mental health professionals develop the theoretical knowledge and technical skills required for the practice of intensive, long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Our training programs encourage a reflective and critical attitude toward clinical work, intellectual inquiry, creativity, interdisciplinary dialogue, and a respect for research and writing. Our hope is that graduates will become not only excellent clinicians, but also proponents of psychoanalytic thinking in the world at large, and active members of the vibrant BPSI community.

BPSI’s Advanced Training Program in Psychoanalytic Therapy consists of four parts, which take place concurrently:

  • A three- year sequence of theoretical and clinical seminars
  • Two or more supervised, twice-weekly psychotherapy cases conducted by the student to enhance the understanding of others and provide intensive clinical experience.
  • A student’s personal psychotherapy or psychoanalysis to enhance self-understanding and gain a deep appreciation of the dynamic interaction between therapist and patient
  • A final case write-up or paper on a topic of interest in the field.

BPSI provides advisor support throughout the program.


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