CHILD DEVELOPMENT: What Really Matters? The 2016 BPSI Child Care Conference with Jerome Kagan, PhD, and Alexandra Harrison, MD


Jerome Kagan: Lecture On Temperament, Brain Development, Parenting and Culture.
Alexandra Harrison: Discussion “Putting This Knowledge to Work to Create Responsive Classrooms”.
The 24th Annual Child Care Conference. Recorded at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute on May 7, 2016.

Jerome Kagan is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. His career has been devoted to study of the cognitive, moral, and emotional development of children. In this program Dr. Kagan reflects on three important influences on the behavior and biology of children from infancy to adolescence: cognitive and emotional maturational processes that accompany brain growth biases of a child’s temperament influences of parents, social class, and the culture-historical moment.

Alexandra Harrison facilitates a discussion of Kagan’s work with a focus on classroom applications of his theories. Dr. Harrison is a practicing psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, and teacher both at Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Health Alliance and the University of Massachusetts Boston/Infant- Parent Mental Health Program. She writes a blog for caregivers and consults to area preschools.

Child Care Conference Committee:
Judith Yanof, MD, Chair; Sarah Bennett-Astesano, EdM; Darragh Callahan, EdD; Jane Lannak, PhD; Ellen Moore, MA; Maura Rizzuto, MBA; Kathy Simons, MS; Ann Stambler, MSW; Susan Twombly, MS.

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