Hedgehogs at the Gate: A Review of Metaphor and Fields: Common Ground, Common Language and the Future of Psychoanalysis edited by S. Montana Katz. New York, NY: Routledge, 2013. 244 pp.

by John C. Foehl, PhD



Metaphor and Fields, edited by S. Montana Katz, provides a rich and rewarding range of perspectives on the centrality of metaphor and its place in what has come to be known as the analytic field. The engaging and productive difference of these perspectives is compromised by an attempt to develop the intersection of metaphor and field theory as a common ground for psychoanalysis as a whole. The author reviews key themes of the book situated in a view of contemporary psychoanalytic epistemology characterized as an intertextual process where a profound respect for the context of our conceptual tools is joined with a willingness to explore the fertile use of ideas and practices across different thought traditions.

Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 52/3: 434–456, May 2016.

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About the Author:

Jack Foehl is a BPSI analyst who writes in the intersection of phenomenology and psychoanalysis developing and integrating contemporary perspectives in psychoanalytic theory of technique. His articles describe the nature of experience in the analytic practice with the aim of developing new ways of thinking about psychoanalytic process.


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