The Arthur R. Kravitz Award Recipients of 2009, Roberta Apfel, MD, and Bennett Simon, MD, are interviewed by Ann Katz, EdD, about their work with children of war. The conversation was recorded in the Boston Psychoanalytic Society Library on May 9, 2018.

The Arthur R. Kravitz Award for Community Action and Humanitarian Contributions was established in 2008, for our 75th anniversary, to recognize Members of BPSI who have provided noteworthy psychoanalytically-informed service to our broader community. The new Kravitz Award Series intends to interview all winners from 2009 to present about their community work.

The award is named to honor the memory of Arthur R. Kravitz, MD, a former President of BPSI whose outstanding public service gave us a model for the contributions that we wish to recognize and celebrate. Drs. Apfel and Simon received the award for their influential and committed work with the mental health of children of war, Physicians for Human Rights, and many other local and international initiatives.  Click here to watch other interviews in this series.