Ana-María Rizzuto, MD, shared insights about her life and work in her recent interview to Axel Hoffer, MD, for “The Voice of Experience” series of webcasts. The conversation was recorded in the library just a few months before Ana-María moved to Argentina. Dr. Rizzuto is an Adjunct Member of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and a Training and Supervising Analyst Emerita of the PINE Psychoanalytic Institute. She has written numerous articles in national and international journals and lectured about her work in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Japan. She is the author of The Birth of the Living God: A Psychoanalytic Study (1979), Why Did Freud Reject God: A Psychodynamic Interpretation (1998), The Dynamics of Human Aggression (2003), and Freud and the Spoken Word: Speech as a Key to the Unconscious (2015). She is also a subject of the new book Ana-María Rizzuto and the Psychoanalysis of Religion: The Road to the Living God (2017), edited by Martha J. Reineke and David M. Goodman.