Changing views of what is curative in 3 psychoanalytic methods and the emerging, surprising common ground.

Fred Busch, PhD


The author explores the common ground between 3 psychoanalytic perspectives previously viewed as disperate (i.e., French psychoanalysis, some London Kleinians, and some American Freudians). Further, nested within these commonalities are certain paradigm shifts in the goals of psychoanalysis and the methods to reach them.

The  Scandinavian Psychoanalytic Review, 36:27-34, April 2013.

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Another recent publication by Fred Busch, PhD: Transforming the Under-Represented: The Unacknowledged Influence of Ego Psychology.

Abstract: While a new form of ego psychology focusing on the psychoanalytic method continues to be developed, some undefined version of ego psychology remains under attack. The author argues that the thinking of current and earlier ego psychologists is evident in disparate theoretical schools, although rarely acknowledged. Common ground between seemingly disparate psychoanalytic theories is explored.

Canadian Journal of Psychoanalysis, 21:292-312, 2013.

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