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Abstract The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (BPSI) is a membership organization with three principle programs: professional training, scientific activites, and service to the Boston and New England community of those interested in psychoanalysis and its applications. Material consists of audio files from events which took place at BPSI.
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The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (BPSI) is a membership organization with three principle programs: professional training, scientific activites, and service to the Boston and New England community of those interested in psychoanalysis and its applications.

Professional training is offered to psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals, and to those in other fields of research who have an interest in psychoanalytic knowledge. BPSI conducts monthly scientific meetings and seminars, sponsors research on psychoanalysis and its applications, and organizes workshops and symposia.


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Arranged chronologically.

Material consists of audio files from events which took place at BPSI. The BPSI events collection includes lectures, interviews, anniversary recordings, symposiums, seminars, and Meet the Author events.



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BPSI: Addictive Behavior, Psychodynamics and Treatment, n.d.    
Grete Bibring EC MTG, 1946.    
Elvin Semrad Teaching, 1971.    
Elvin Semrad Clinical Teaching, 19 March 1971.    
Elvin Semrad Clinical Teaching, 26 March 1971.    
BPSI: 40th Anniversary Symposium at Baker Library, Harvard Business School, 5 April 1974.    
BPSI: Dr. Elvin V. Semrad Memorial Meeting, 13 November 1976.    
Cecil Mushatt: Mind, Body, Evidence, 1977.    
Life Cycle Seminars:    
  G. Stechler: First Year of Life, 17 October 1978.    
  P.A. Buttonweiser: Childhood, 31 October 1978.    
  J.H. Backman: Latency, 28 November 1978.    
  M. Vanderpol: Adolescence Pt. 1, 5 December 1978.    
  M. Vanderpol: Adolescence Pt. 2, 9 January 1979.    
  J. Zilbach: Family Development, 23 January 1979.    
  P.A. Walters: Young Adulthood, 6 February 1979.    
  W.H. Eger: Open Meeting, 20 February 1979.    
  P.A. Walters: Adulthood, 7 March 1979.    
  M. Notman: Involution and empty nest, 20 March 1979.    
  A.D. Weisman: Aging, 3 April 1979.    
  W.H. Eger: Introduction, 2 October 1979.    
  G. Stechler: Infancy, 16 October 1979.    
  P.A. Buttonweiser: Childhood, 30 October 1979.    
  S.L. Nickman: Latency and Pre-adolescence, 27 November 1979.    
  M. Vanderpol: Adolescence, 4 December 1979.    
  J. Zilbach: Parenting and family, 22 January 1980.    
  P.A. Walters: Young Adulthood, 5 February 1980.    
  P.A. Walters: Adulthood, 4 March 1980.    
  M. Notman: Midyears, involution and empty nest, 18 March 1980.    
  A.D. Weisman: Aging, 15 April 1980.    
  A.D. Weisman: Death and dying, 29 April 1980.    
  G. Stechler: Infancy, 30 September 1980.    
  P.A. Buttonweiser: Childhood, 28 October 1980.    
  S.L. Nickman: Latency, 25 November 1980.    
  M. Vanderpol: Adolescence, 9 December 1980.    
  J. Zilbach: Parenting and family, 20 January 1981.    
  M.T. Notman: Midlife, involution and empty nest, 17 March 1981.    
  A.D. Weisman: Aging, 31 March 1981.    
  A.D. Weisman: Death and dying, 14 April 1981.    
  W.H. Eger: Open meeting, 21 April 1981.    
BPSI 50th Anniversary After Dinner Talks, 1983.    
BPSI 50th Anniversary Saturday Evening Talks, 1983.    
Psychoanalysis Today:    
  Charles A. Pinderhughes: Differential Bonding, Infancy to International Conflict, 1983.    
  John E. Mack: Agression and its Alternatives, “Why War?” The Freud-Einstein Correspondence, 1983.    
  Nemetz, et al: Developmental Theory and the Clinical Analysis, 1983.    
  Drs. Weismon, Myerson, Kris, and Rizzuto: The Nature of Psychoanalytic Transactions, 1983.    
  Drs. Mehlman, Holzman, Meissner, and Simon: Psychoanalysis, Is Therapy Destroying the Science?, 1983.    
  Magraw, Bernstein, Gedo, Buie, and Mann: Clinical Presentation of Treatment by Psychoanalysis, 1983.    
  Kravitz, Modell, Adler, and Gedo: The Two Contexts of the Self, 1983.    
  Kahana, Gifford, Menninger, Rochlin, and Reiser: After Dinner Program, 1983.    
  Fisher, Wamke, and Wallerstein: Dealing With Conflict Among Individuals and Nations, 1983.    
  Shapiro, Wallerstein, Shore, and Vaillant: Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy: Relative Roles, 1983.    
Psychoanalytic Exploration of the Nuclear Threat, 22 March 1986.    
  Levine, Howard. Welcome and Introduction. 22 March 1986.    
  Wangh, Martin. On the Psychoanalytic Implications of the Nuclear Threat of Nuclear War and the Impact of the Threat of Nuclear War on Psychoanalytic Theory Formation. 22 March 1986.    
  Segal, Hanna. The Death Instinct, The Price of Denial in the Nuclear Age. 22 March 1986.    
  Simon, Bennett. Morning Wrap-Up. 22 March 1986.    
  Morning Discussion and Questions. 22 March 1986.    
  Volkan, Vamik. Nuclear Weapons and the Need to Have Enemies: A Psychoanalytic Perspective. 22 March 1986.    
  Mack, John. Nuclear Weapons, Ideology, and the Dark Side of Humankind. 22 March 1986.    
  Jacobs, Daniel. Afternoon Wrap-Up 22 March 1986.    
  Afternoon Discussion and Questions. 22 March 1986.    
Thomas Gutheil: Risk Management, 21 December 1988.    
Vandim Rotenberg: Current View of Psychoanalysis, Concepts in the Soviet Union, 1989.    
Eleanor Galenson: Gender Disturbance in a 3 1/2 year old boy, 25 January 1989.    
Joel Rosen: Psychoanalytic Treatment of a Case of Schizophrenia, 8 February 1989.    
Wise Symposium: Harvard University Science Center, 13 May 1989.    
BPSI: First Hanns Sachs Symposium, Psychoanalysis Changing, 23 September 1989.    
BPSI: Resilience and Psychological Health, 13 October 1990.    
Marvin Hinsky: Computers and Shame, 7 November 1990.    
Paul Myerson: Child Dialogues, 25 September 1991.    
Glen Gabbard: A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Therapists Who Transgress Sexual Boundaries: a risk management program, 23 October 1991.    
Stephen Rittenberg: On Fantasies of Self Creation, 20 November 1991.    
Ethel S. Person: Enactment of Fantasies, 1992.    
Dan Bar-on: Legacy of Silence, 8 January 1992.    
Mortimer Ostow: A Direct Influence by Means of Particular Chemical Substances: Psychopharmacology and Psychoanalysis, 23 September 1992.    
A.M. Rizzuto: Scientific Program, 28 October 1992.    
Beck, Huizenga, and Notman: Scientific Meeting, 9 December 1992.    
John Woodall: Psychological Aftermath of War in the Balklans: Effects of Trauma on Women and Children, 1993.    
Martin Wangh: Working Through of the Nazi Experience in the German Psychoanalytic Community, 1993.    
Patrick Casement: Essential Space in Psychoanalysis, 6 January 1993.    
Humphrey Morris: Deutsch Prize Presentation, 24 February 1993.    
Bennett Simon: Freud’s Use of Evidence In Deciding on the Actuality of Seduction, 24 March 1993.    
Jack Novick: Externalization as a Pathological Form of Relating: the dynamic underpinnings of abuse, 15 May 1993.    
Edward Tronick, Urie Bronfenbrenner, and Joy Ososfsky: Susan J. Wise Fifth Conference Memorial Lecture, 2 October 1993.    
Thomas Gutheil: Risk Management Program, 10 November 1993.    
Gerald Edelmen and Arnold Modell: Morphology and Mind, 22 January 1994.    
Peter Fonagy: Understanding the Violent Patient, the Role of the Father, 31 May 1994.    
Mark Belcher: The Patient’s Dreams and the Countertransference, 28 September 1994.    
Howard Levine: The Capacity for Transference, 26 October 1994.    
E. Schwaber: The Psychoanalyst’s Mind from Listening, 1995.    
Arthur Rosenbaum: Analysis during transition to adulthood, 1995.    
Nancy Chodorow: Reflections on the Authority of the Past in Psychoanalytic Thinking, 1995.    
Lucy Lafarge: Transference of Deception, 25 January 1995.    
D. Kriegman and M Slavin: Why the Analyst Needs to Change: an evolutionary biological perspective on conflict, deception, and mutual influences in the analytic process, 15 February 1995.    
John Muller: The real and boundaries: walking or falling into the wild, 1996.    
Mark C. O’Connell: On Wanting the Patient to Change: countertransference, 1996.    
Morris Peltz: The Fate of Magic in Psychoanalytic Treatment, 1996.    
Ellen Blumenthal: We All Need Our Tails to Lean On: gender disorder in a latency age girl, 1996.    
BPSI: Day Care 1996. 10 May 1996.    
Francis Baudry: Kohut and Glover: the Role of Subjectivity in Psychoanalytic Theory, 1997.    
BPSI: Space of Speech, 1998.    
Apfel, Dalton, Fonagy, Sousa: Wise Symposium. Violence against Women: Current Perspectives, 1998.    
Roberta Apfel and Bennett Simon: Mitigating Discontents with Children in War: an ongoing psychoanalytic inquiry, 28 March 1998.    
Andrew Samuels: From Sexual Misconduct to Social Justice, 1 April 1998.    
BPSI: Day Care Conference 1998 Good Beginnings, 22 May 1998.    
Alcalay, Bernstein, Brazelton, Notman, and Stone: Growth of an Artist, 23 October 1998.    
Deborah Blueston, Sally Booth, Carol Reichenthal, Janet Noonan: Outer Realities and Inner Expectations: the Inner Patient, the Therapist, the Insurance Company, 31 October 1998.    
Jacqueline Amati-Mehler: Sensuality, Sexuality and Creativity, 1999.    
John P. Muller: Modes and Functions of Sublimation, 14 April 1999.    
Diane Coutu: Beyond Circumference: Emily Dickinson and the Poetry of Madness, 28 April 1999.    
Otto Kernberg: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Socially Sanctioned Violence, 8 May 1999.    
Phillip Freeman: Graduation Speech ‘Psychoanalysis as you like it’, 21 May 1999.    
Michael Grodin: Mad, Bad or Evil: How physician healers turn to torture and murder from Nazi Germany to the former Yugoslavia, 20 March 2000.    
The Boston Psychoanalytic Alliance and For the Fathering Project: What Do Kids Need? What Do Dads Give? 2001.    
BPSI: Psychoanalytic Symposium, 19 November 2001.    
Martin Deutsch: Translation of Paper by Dr. Gerrite Hohendorf, 2002.    
BPSI and MIP: The Legacy of Famous Fathers, 7 January 2006.    
Beata Rank Lecture: From the Pioneers of Child Psychoanalysis to Clinical Psychoanalysis with Today’s Children, 23 May 2007.    
John Baker: Meet the Artist, 22 October 2007.    
TA Task Force, 12 May 2008.    
Psychotherapy Conference, 18 March 2009.    
Ellen Schattschneider: Fetish Goes to War, 4 November 2009.    
Gunderson, John. Is Empirical Research Clinically Relevant to the Practice of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy? Scientific Meeting. 2 December 2009.    
Frank Baudry: Winnicott’s 1968 Visit to the New York Psychoanalytic Society, 6 February 2010.    
J. Frosch: From Grievance to Grief Psychodynamics of Narcissism, 7 January 2010.    
Judy Katrowitz: The Pendulum Swings, 3 March 2010.    
Richard Gottlieb: Maurice Sendak’s Trilogy, 6 March 2010.    
Eve Galigor: The Interpretive Process in the Psychodynamic Treatment of Borderline Personality Pathology, 25 March 2010.    
R. Summers: If Freud Could Twitter, 24 April 2010.    
Irwin C. Rosen: Revenge and Atonement-Two Sides of the Same, Sometimes Counterfeit Coin, 8 May 2010.    
Busch, Fred. On Creating a Psychoanalytic Mind: Psychoanalytic Knowledge As a Process. Scientific Meeting. 26 May 2010    
Shields, Walker. IMAGINATIVE LITERATURE AND BION’S INTERSUBJECTIVE THEORY OF THINKING. Deutsch Prize Presentation. 22 September, 2010.    
Allen, Amy. Are We Driven: THE FATE OF THE AGGRESSIVE DRIVE IN CRITICAL SOCIAL THEORY. Silberger Lecture. 29 September, 2010.    
Kris, Anton O. UNLEARNING AND LEARNING PSYCHOANALYSIS: THE BPSI CONTRIBUTION, 1940-2010. The First S. Joseph Nemetz Memorial Lecture. 2 October, 2010.    
SCHMIDT-HELLERAU, Cordelia. The BAD Superego: Reflections on a Subversive Myth. Scientific Meeting. 27 October, 2010.    
Ornstein, Anna. THE MISSING TOMBSTONE: Reflections on Mourning and Creativity. 2nd Academic Lecture. 6 January, 2011    
Luepnitz, Deborah. THINKING ABOUT SPACE BETWEEN WINNICOTT AND LACAN. Scientific Meeting. 12 February, 2011    
Cooper, Steven. Frosch, James. Jacobs, Daniel. Schmidt-Hellerau, Cordelia. Love/Murder ? or What to do with our Fathers (and Mothers)? Reflections on the Good and Bad Superego in Psychoanalytic Institutions, Part II. Scientific Meeting. 30 March, 2011    
Gomberg, Richard. Has The Frame Changed? 15 September 2011.    
Freeman, Phillip S. Humor and Crisis. 26 October 2011.    
Meet the Author:    
  Phillip Freeman. Humility: Plimoth. 2003.    
  Sophie Freud: “Living in the Shadow of the Freud Family”, 23 September 2008.    
  The Boston Process Change Study Group. Change in Psychotherapy: A Unifying Paradigm. Meet the Authors. 25 May, 2010    
  Bergstein, Mary. MIRRORS OF MEMORY: Freud, Photography, and the History of Art. Meet the Author. 18 October, 2010.    
  Stern, Daniel. Forms of Vitality: Discussion of the new book. Meet the Author. 16 November, 2010    
  Cooper, Steven. A Disturbance in the Field: Essays in Transference-Countertransference Engagement. Meet the Author. 25 January, 2011    
  Ablon, Steven. Rubin, Lowell. Hartmann, Ernest. Reading and Discussing Their Poetry. Meet the Authors. 29 March, 2011    
  Brown, Lawrence J. Intersubjectivity and Unconscious Processes: An Integration of Freudian, Kleinian and Bionian Perspectives. Meet the Author. 9 May 2011.    
  Hartmann, Ernest. The Nature and Functions of Dreaming and Boundaries: A New Way to Look at the World. Meet the Author. 20 September 2011.    
Reel to Reel:    
  Symposium. 17 October 1970.    
  Westin, Alan. Surveillance, and the Future of Privacy.    
  Hutchins, Robert N. Living without Guilt.    
  Role of Aggression in Human Adaptation. 1971.    
  Kris, Anton. Helping Patients by Analyzing Self-Criticism. 29 November 1989.    
  Langer, Lawrence. Tainted Memory: Interpreting Holocaust Testimonies. 7 March 1990.    
  Modell, Arnold H. A Confusion of Tongues or Whose Reality is it? 1990.    
  Dupont, Judith. Freud and Ferenzi Scientific Meeting. 1990.    
  Chused, Judith F. The Patient’s Perception of the Analyst. Beata Rank Lecture. 1990.    
  Brown, Lawrence. A Demography of the Representational World. Deutsch Prize Presentation. 1990.    
  Young-Bruehl, Elisabeth. Psychoanalytic Theories of Female Development. 1990.    
  Levine, Howard. Challenges to Technique In The Analysis of Adults Who were Sexually Abused In Childhood. 1990.    
  Wharff, Elizabeth. 6th Annual Graduate Symposium: Termination Dreams. 1990.    
  Renik, Owen D. One Kind of Negative Therapeutic Reaction. 1990.    
  Noonan, Janet. Treating the Sadomasochistic Male: Transference, Counter-transference Dilemmas for the Female Therapist. 1991.    
  Yanof, Judith A. Singing Harmony: Termination in an Adolescent Analysis. 1991.    
  Van Binsbergen-Pritchard, Marion P. Courage to Care: Reflections on Life Threatening Experiences in the Dutch Resistance. 1991.    
  Faimberg, Haydee. Narcissistic Dimension of the Oedipal Configuration. 1991.    
  Johnson, Brian. Psychoanalysis in an Age of Malpractice: The case of an Alcohol-Abusing Patient. 1990.    
  Mitchell, Juliet. Some Thoughts About A Revised Theory of Object Relations. 1991.    
  Morrison, Andrew P. Psychoanalytic Viewpoints on Shame. 1991.    
  Hoffer, Axel. Freud-Ferenczi Controversy – A Living Legacy. 1991.    
  Thompson, Anne. Freud’s Pessimism, The Death of Instinct, and the Theme of Disintegration in Analysis Terminable and Interminable. 1991.    
  NYPS. NY Psychoanalytic Society 50th Anniversary Dinner Dance. 1961.    
  Bienen, Marcy. The Pregnant Therapist: Countertransference, Dilemmas and the Willingness to Explore Transference Material. 1989.    
  Sutherland, John D. Significance of W Ronald D Fairbairn. 1989.    
  Warner, Lyle. Identity and Connection: The Adoptee’s Search. 1989.    
  Kaplan, Bernard. Meditations on Genesis: An Oblique Commentary on Psychoanalysis via a Consideration of the Organismic-Developmental Approach. 1965.    
  Stein, Martin H. Self Observation, Reality, and the Superego. 1965.    
  Fineman, Abraham. Retreat to Passivity, Femininity and Infantilism in the Male: The Analysis of a Six-Year Old Boy. 1965.    
  Kubie, Lawrence S. Concept of Change in Psychological Processes and States. 1965.    
  Sinha, T.C. Ego Factor in Psychoanalysis in India. 1964.    
  Whitman, Roy M. Dreams About The Patient: An Approach To The Problem of Countertransference. 1964.    
  Mack, John E. Children’s Nightmares: A Developmental Study. 1964.    
  Waelder, Robert. The Main Motif in the Development of Psychoanalytic Thought. 1964.    
  Modell, Arnold H. On Having the Right to a Life: An Aspect of the Super-Ego’s Development. 1964.    
  Weiner, Herbert. Psychoanalysis as a Biological Science. 1964.    
  Zetzel, Elizabeth R. Theory of Therapy in Relation to a Developmental Model of the Psychic Apparatus. 1964.    
  Reports on the Twenty-Third International Psycho-Analytical Congress, Stockholm. 1963.    
  Fraiberg, Selma. Freedman, David. Observations On A Congenitally Blind Child With Severe Ego Deviations. 1963.    
  Zetzel, Elizabeth R. Depression and the Incapacity to Bear It. 1963.    
  Frankel, Victor. Existentialism and Psychotherapy. 1963.    
  Murray, John M. Transformation of Narcisism into Ego-Ideal. 1963.    
  Bonnard, Augusta. On Narcissism. 1962.    
  Symposium on Narcissism. 1962.    
  Wittkower, Eric D. Aufreiter, Johann. Psychosomatic Concepts in Psychoanalytic Education. 1962.    
  Anna Freud, Helen Tartakoff, Dr. Rappaport, Helene Deutsche. 14 April 1959.    
  Bibring, Greta. I’ve Been Reading: The Life and Works of Sigmund Freud. 1953.    
  Sonis, Mary. Lehner Memorial Program. 1961.    
  Bibring Colloquium. 1960.    
  Modell, Arnold. Psychoanalysis in a New Context. Meet the Author. 1986.    
  Three Components of the Analysis of a 12 Year Old Boy. 1986.    
  BPSI. Scientific Meeting. 29 October 1986.    
  The Treatment of a Transvestite. 19 November 1986.    
  Bion Revisited. 28 January 1987.    
  Psychoanalysis in France: Jacques Lucan’s Return to Freud. 1987.    
  Kris, Anton. An Introduction to the Concepts of Convergence and Divergence Conflict. 1987.    
  Segal, Hanna. On the Clinical Usefulness of the Death Instinct. 1986.    
  Kantrowitz, Judy L. The Role of the Patient-Analyst ‘Match’ in the Outcome of Psychoanalysis. 1985.    
  Gill, Merton. Special Meeting with Dr. Merton Gill: Analysis of the Transference with Candidates. 1985.    
  Lachmann, Frank. Psychic Conflict and Self Psychology: Questions and Controversies. 1985.    
  Schwartz, Daniel. Loving Action and the Shape of the Object. 1985.    
  Schafer, Roy. Narratives of Defense. 1985.    
  Isay, Richard. On the Analytic Therapy of Homosexual Men. 1985.    
  Genetic Illness & Latency Age Girls. 14th Beata Rank Memorial Lecture. 1984.    
  Tomkins, Silvan. Affect Theory and Its Clinical Application. 1984.    
  Michels, Robert. Psychoanalytic Theory and Psychoanalytic Interpretation – With Special Reference to Genetic Reconstruction.    
  Bemporad, Jules R. Depression in Childhood: Developmental Considerations. 1983.    
  Friedman, Leonard J. Family Patterns in Depression: A Family Systems Approach. 1983.    
  Stechler, Gerald. Halton, Antonia. Assertion and Aggression: Emergence During Infancy. 1983.    
  Cooper, Arnold M. The Unusually Painful Analysis: A Group of Narcissistic-Masochistic Characters. 1983.    
  Robbins, Michael D. Toward a New Mind Model for the Primitive Personalities. 1982.    
  Solnit, Albert J. Adult Follow-up of a Child Analysis: The More Things Change, the More They Are the Same. 1982.    
  Schapiro, Leon N. Has the Scope of Psychoanalysis Changed? 1982.    
  Bernstein, Stephen B. Preparatory Treatment Prior to Psychoanalysis. 1982.    
  Meissner, William W. The Wolf Man and the Paranoid Process. 1976.    
  Zinberg, Norman E. Psychoanalytic Theory and Consciousness Change.    
  Ornstein, Paul E. Ornstein, Anna. The Nature of the Therapist Patient Relationship and Curative Fantasy in the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies. 1976.    
  Welch, Charles. A Clinical Symposium. 1982.    
  Rochlin, Gregory. Aggression Reconsidered. 1982.    
  Gifford, Sanford. The Prisoner of Time: Some Developmental Aspects of Time Perception in Infancy, Sensory Isolation and Old Age.    
  McCullough, David. The Asthmatic Childhood of Theodore Roosevelt. 1981.    
  Knapp, Peter H. Self, Other, and Free Association: Semantic, Pragmatic and Clinical Aspects. 1981.    
  Apfel, Roberta J. et al. Contemporary Views of Chinese Women and Children. 1981.    
  Feder, Stuart. Decoration Day: A Boyhood Memory of Charles Ives.    
  Simon, Bennett. William A Binstock Memorial Scientific Meeting.    
  Hartmann, Ernest. From the Biology of Dreaming to the Biology of the Mind. 1981.    
  Rose, Gilbert J. William Faulkner’s Light in August: The Orchestration of Time in the Psychology of Artistic Style. 1981.    
  Shapiro, Edward R. The Holding Environment and Family Therapy with Acting Out Adolescents. 1980.    
  Cohen, Donald J. Constructive and Reconstructive Activity in the Analysis of a Depressed Child. 1980.    
  Herzog, James M. The Father’s Role In the Modulation of Aggressive Drive and Fantasy: Psychoanalytic Observations on Some Children of Divorce.    
  Robbins, Michael D. Controversy in Object Relations Theory Viewed From Historical and Contemporary Perspectives.    
  Basch, Michael F. An Operational Definition of ‘Self’.    
  Rubenstein, Ben. The Creative Process and the Narcissistic Personality Disorder: A Case Illustration. 1979.    
  Stechler, Gerald. Kaplan, Samuel. The Development of the Self- A Psychoanalytic Perspective.    
  Isay, Richard A. Ambiguity in Speech.    
  Kris, Anton. Either-Or Dilemmas.    
  Schwaber, Evelyne. On the ‘Self’ Within the Matrix of Analytic Theory: Some Clinical Reflections and Reconsiderations.    
  McCarley, Robert W. Mind-Body Isomorphism and the Study of Dreams.    
  Rochlin, Gregory. A Panel Discussion Focusing on the Work of Joan Fleming, MD: Structural Consequences of Early Object Deprivation.    
  Semrad Tribute: Memorial Meeting. 1976.    
  Rexford, Eveolean N. Myths About American Children, Those of 1670 and Today.    
  Macgraw, Charles E. Felix and Helene Deutsch Prize Announcement: Therapeutic Technique: Static or Changing. 1977.    
  Sandler, Anne-Marie. Beyond Eight Month Anxiety. 1977.    
  Gutheil, Thomas G. Havens, Leston L. The Theraputic Alliance: Contemporary Meanings and Confusions. 1977.    
  Shapiro, Roger. Colloquium on ‘The Family and Other Aspects of Reality in Psychoanalytic Work”: The Patient, The Therapist and the Family: External Resistances to Treatment.    
  Santostefano, Sebastiano. Cognition in Personality and the Treatment Process: A Psychoanalytic View.    
  Wolff, Peter H. Physical Maturation and the Development of Experience. 1978.    
  Pollock, George H. On Siblings, Childhood Siblings, Loss and Creativity. 1978.    
  Couch, Arthur S. The Role of the Real Relationship in Analysis. 1979.    
  Mehlman, Robert D. Transference Mobilization, Transference Resolution, and the Narcissistic Alliance. 1976.    
  Greenberg, Ramon M. Pearlman, Chester A. If Freud Only Knew: A Reconsideration of Psychoanalytic Dream Theory. 1976.    
  Stoller, Robert J. Primary Femininity.    
  Palombo, Stanley R. The Adaptive Function of Dreams. 1976.    
  Rochlin, Gregory. The Boyhood of Girls. 1975.    
  Havens, Leston L. The Instrumental Point of View in Psychoanalysis. 1975.    
  Kantrowitz, Judy L. Some Efforts to Assess the Determinants of Clinical Suitability of Patients for Control of Analysis.    
  Binstock, William A. Purgation Through Pity and Terror. 1975.    
  Freedman, David A. On Hearing, Oral Language and Psychic Structure. 1971.    
  BPSI. Contemporary Issues of Youth. 1968.    
  Vaillant, George E. A Theoretical Hierarchy of Adult Ego Mechanisms of Defense. 1970.    
  McGuire, Michael T. Repression, Resistance and Recal. of the Past: Some Reconsiderations. 1970.    
  Toman, Walter. Person-Environments: Their Psychological Significance. 1970.    
  Goldings, Herbert J. Themes of the Phallic Stage: Repair and Consolidation of Narcissism in the Psychoanalysis of a 6 1/2 Year Old Boy. 1970.    
  BPSI. The Psychoanalytic Situation Today: A Panel Discussion. 1970.    
  Zetzel, Elizabeth R. Psychoanalysis and Psychic Health. 1970.    
  Dahl, Hartvig. A Quantitative Study of a Psychoanalysis: The Use of Computer in the Study of A Recorded Psychonalysis. 1970.    
  Murray, John M. The Purpose of Confrontation. 1971.    
  Joseph, Edward D. Perception, an Ego Function, and Reality. 1971.    
  Rascovsky, Arnaldo. On the Unconscious Motivation of War. 1971.    
  Levin, Sidney. Psychoanalysis of Psychic Inertia. 1971.    
  Rowland, Christopher V. Massive Obesity, Psychosis and Ego Organization. 1975.    
  Forman, Max. The Case for Clear-cut Clinical Distinctions Between the Narcissistic Personality Disorders and the Oedipal Fixations. 1974.    
  BPSI. 10th Annual Joint Scientific Meeting of the BPSI and the Western New England Psychoanalytic Society: Dedicated to Helene Deutsch on her 90th Birthday. 1974.    
  Fraiberg, Selma. Ghosts in the Nursery: A Psychoanalytic Approach to the Problems of Impaired Infant-Mother Relationships. 1974.    
  Kris, Anton O. On Being in a Hurry: An Example of the mutual Frustration of Active and Passive Libidinal Wishes in Neurosis. 1974.    
  Knapp, Peter H. The Mysterious ‘Split’: A Psychoanalytic Inquiry into Mind-Body Relationships. 1974.    
  Simon, Bennett. The Hero as an Only Child: An Unconscious Fantasy Structuring Homer’s Odessey. 1974.    
  Khantzian, Edward J. Opiate Addiction: A Critical Assessment of Theory and Some Implications for Current Treatment Approaches. 1973.    
  Rochlin, Gregory. A Trial De Novo: Some Early Classic Cases. 1972.    
  Neubauer, Peter B. Mutual Influences Between Child and Adult Analyses: Construction and Reconstruction. 1973.    
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