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Title: Scientific Meeting Papers
Dates: 1944-1998
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Abstract: This collection contains scientific papers presented at BPSI Scientific Meetings from 1944-1998.
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In this collection are the papers presesnted at BPSI Scientific Meetings from 1944-1998. Also included: Scientific Meeting announcements and programs, memos, correspondences, and reviews.

Series I, 1944-1959

Series II, 1960-1969

Series III, 1970-1979

Series IV, 1980-1989

Series V, 1990-1998


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Papers are identified by author’s last name followed by year of presentation.

Abuse, Series V: Novick, 1993.
Addiction, Series III: Khantzian, 1973.
Adolescents, Series I: Bowlby, 1953; Katan, 1957; Rank, 1948; Rexford, 1947. Series II: Amerongen, 1965; Fraiberg, 1963, 1966; Mack, 1964; Pavenstedt, 1964; Winnicott, 1962. Series III: Caudill, 1972; Fraiberg, 1974; Ritvo, 1971; Rochlin, 1978; Simon, 1974; Solnit, 1979; Wolff, 1971. Series IV: Shapiro, 1980; Stechler, 1983. Series V: Yanof, 1991.
Anxiety, Series I: Harris, 1955; Zetzel, 1949. Series II: Engel, 1960. Series III: Sandler, 1977.
Art, Series I: Berezin, 1957; Deutsch, 1957. Series II: Sifneos, 1960. Series IV: Gilbert, 1981.
Character, Series I: Michaels, 1953; Murphy, 1956; Sterba, 1950.
Death, Series II: Gifford, 1968. Series IV: Segal, 1986. Series V: Thompson, 1991.
Depression, Series I: Brewster, 1952; Rochlin, 1952. Series II: Engel, 1960; Weinberger, 1961; Zetzel, 1963.
Dreams, Series I: Erikson, 1952; Gifford, 1956; Knapp, 1955. Series II: Erikson, 1960; Fisher, 1961; Meissner, 1968; Rosenbaum, 1963; Sifneos, 1960; Weinberger, 1968; Whitman, 1964. Series III: Greenberg, 1976; McCarley, 1977; Palombo, 1976.
Ego, Series I: Berezin, 1957; Bonnard, 1958; Deutsch, 1955; Gifford, 1958; Murphy, 1959; Shands, 1952. Series II: Fraiberg, 1963; Murray, 1963; Silverman, 1960; Sinha, 1964. Series III: Blum, 1976; Joseph, 1971; Lowenstein, 1971; Modell, 1973; Rowland, 1975; Vailant, 1970.
Family, Series IV: Shapiro, 1980. Series V: Viederman, 1993.
Fantasy, Series I: Gitelson, 1949. Series III: Ornstein, 1976. Series V: Rittenberg/Shaw, 1991.
Females, Series I: Greenacre, 1950. Series III: Blum, 1976; Stoller, 1975. Series V: Young-Bruehl, 1990.
Freud, Sigmund, Series I: Kris, 1949. Series II: Gifford, 1968; Zetzel, 1965. Series III: Greenberg, 1976. Series IV: Wangh, 1987. Series V: Simon, 1993; Spence, 1990; Thompson, 1991; Young-Bruehl, 1990.
Guilt, Series I: Zilboorg, 1947. Series II: Levin, 1965.
Hysteria, Series I: Zetzel, 1957. Series II: Arvidson, 1969; Myerson, 1968; Zetzel, 1967. Series III: Day, 1970.
Loss, Series I: Rochlin, 1953, 1958. Series III: Fleming, 1977; Mushatt, 1973; Rochlin, 1978. Series IV: Mushatt, 1981.
Marriage, Series II: Levin, 1967. Series IV: Sander, 1988.
Masochism, Series I: Gitelson, 1949. Series II: Weinberger, 1961. Series III: Blum, 1976. Series IV: Socarides, 1985.
Narcissism, Series I: Fox, 1956. Series II: Murray, 1963. Series III: Forman, 1974; Mehlman, 1976; Modell, 1974; Rubenstein, 1979.
Oedipus Complex, Series III: Forman, 1974; Mazlish, 1973. Series IV: Simon, 1984.
Pregnancy, Series I: Fox, 1956. Series II: Bibring, 1960.
Psychoanalytic Education, Series II: Marmor, 1962; Wittkower/Aufreiter, 1962.
Schizophrenia, Series I: Hendrick, 1956; Hinsie; Katan, 1957.
Self, Series II: Stein, 1965. Series III: Mack, 1976; Modell, 1974; Myerson, 1973; Schwaber, 1977, 1978; Stechler/Kaplan, 1979. Series IV: Modell, 1983; Stern, 1981. Series V: Rittenberg/Shaw, 1991; Smith, 1998.
Sex, Series I: Benedek, 1950; Greenacre, 1950. Series II: Erikson, 1960.
Shame, Series II: Knapp, 1965; Levin, 1965, 1969. Series IV: Wurmser, 1982.
Superego, Series II: Coltrera, 1963; Fraiberg, 1963; Modell, 1964; Stein, 1965.
Transference, Series I: Berman, 1948; Nunberg, 1949; Zetzel, 1955. Series II: Chase, 1966. Series III: Mehlman, 1976. Series V: O’Connel, 1996.
Trauma, Series I: Shands, 1952; Wermer, 1955; Murphy, 1956, 1959.


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[Identification of item], in the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute Event Records, The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Boston, MA, USA.

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This collection is part of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute’s records.

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Encoded by Corinne Anderson, Spring 2013


Series I, 1944-1959
Alexander, F. “Analysis of the Therapeutic Factors in Psychoanalytic Treatment” (b.1, f.9) 1948
Balint, M. “The Theory of Psychoanalytic Technique” (b.1, f.52) 1956
Benedek, T. “To the Methodology of Psychosomatic Medicine Investigation of the Sexual Cycle” (b.1, f.20) 1950
Berezin, M. “Some Observations on Art and its Relation to Ego Integrity” (b.1, f.56) 1957
Berman, L.; Mann, J.; Semrad, E. “An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Psychoanalytic Group Therapy” (b.1, f.41) 1955
Berman, L. “Countertransference and Attitudes of the Analyst in the Therapeutic Process” (b.1, f.11) 1948
Berman, L. “Problems in Working Toward an Integration of Individual and Group Psychology” (b.1, f.50) 1956
Bibring, G. “The Training Analysis and Its Place in the Psychoanalytic Training [February]” (b.1, f.38) 1954
Bibring, G. “The Training Analysis and Its Place in the Psychoanalytic Training [January]” (b.1, f.37) 1954
Bonnard, A. “Pre Body-Ego Types of (Pathological) Mental Functioning” (b.2, f.9) 1958
Bowlby, J. “Some Pathological Processes Associated with Early Mother-Child Separation” (b.1, f.33) 1953
BPSI “Report on the 16th International Psychoanalytical Congress” (b.1, f.16) 1949
BPSI “Leading Scientific Trends at the 17th Congress of the International Psychoanalytical Association” (b.1, f.26) 1951
BPSI “Discussion of the Symposium on Current Trends on Psychosomatic Concepts in Psychoanalysis” (b.1, f.30 1952
BPSI “Reports on the Nineteenth International Psychoanalytic Congress” (b.1, f.45) 1955
BPSI “Scientific Meeting in Honor of the 70th Birthday of Doctors Felix and Helene Deutsch” (b.1, f.43) 1955
BPSI “Reports on the Twentieth International Psychoanalytic Congress” (b.2, f.2) 1957
BPSI “Reports on the Twenty-First International Psychoanalytic Congress” (b.2, f.15) 1959
Brenner, C. “The Concept ‘Preconscious’ and the Structural Theory” (b.2, f.11) 1959
Brewster, H.; Knapp, P.; Shands, H. “Manic Depressive Reaction Relating to Hodgkin’s Disease”; “Hearing, the Ear and Sound”; “Post-Traumatic Recovery in the Ego” (b.1, f.28) 1952
Deutsch, F. “Further Observations During Analysis of Postural Behavior” (b.1, f.12) 1949
Deutsch, F. “Analytic Synesthesiology” (b.1, f.34) 1953
Deutsch, F. “Personality Dynamics Involved in Civilian Rehabilitation” (b.1, f.1) yyyy
Deutsch, H. “A Contribution to the Ego Psychology of a Certain Type of Psychopath” (b.1, f.42) 1955
Deutsch, H. “Psychoanalytic Therapy from the Point of View of the Follow-up” (b.1, f.47) 1956
Deutsch, F. “Creative Passion of the Artist and its Synethetic Aspects” (b.2, f.1) 1957
Erikson, E. “The Dream Specimen of Psychoanalysis” (b.1, f.32) 1952
Fox, H. “Narcissistic Restitution During Pregnancy” (b.1, f.51) 1956
French, T. [discussion on French’s paper] (b.1, f.4) 1944
Freud, A. “Negativism, and Emotional Surrender” (b.1, f.31) 1952
Freud, A. “Edward Bibring’s Contribution to the Understanding of Psychotherapy and Technique” (b.2, f.13) 1959
Gifford, S.; Hendrick, I. “Transient Disturbances in Perception”; “Dream Resistance and Schizophrenia” (b.1, f.49) 1956
Gifford, S. “Sleep, Time, and the Early Ego” (b.2, f.5) 1958
Gitelson, M. “A Beating Fantasy in a Case of Masochism” (b.1, f.14) 1949
Gramlich, F. “Political Ideals and Man’s Nature” (b.1, f.18) 1949
Greenacre, P. “Special Problems of Early Sexual Development in the Female” (b.1, f.23) 1950
Greenson, R. “Problems of Dosage, Timing, and Tact in Interpretation” (b.2, f.17) 1959
Harris, H.; Murphy, W.; Wermer, H. “Telephone Anxiety; A Note on the Significance of Names; Re-enactment of an Infantile Traumatic Experience during Analysis” (b.1, f.46) 1955
Hartmann, H. “Instincts and Drive” (b.1, f.8) 1948
Helgesson, U. “Problems of Sublimation” (b.1, f.57) 1957
Herz, E.; Putnam, J. “Motor Disorders in Nervous Diseases” (b.1, f.2) yyyy
Hinsie, L. “Psychoanalytic Aspects of Schock Therapy in Schizophrenia” (b.1, f.3) yyyy
Katan, M. “Is the Diagnosis of Schizophrenia in Early Childhood Justifiable” (b.1, f.55) 1957
Kaufman, I. “Psychoanalytic Concepts in the Treatment of the Juvenile Delinquent” (b.1, f.54) 1957
Kaufman, C. “Some Theoretical Implications from Animal Behavior Studies for the Psychoanalytic Concepts of Instincts, Energy, and Drive” (b.2, f.16) 1959
Knapp, P. “Sensory Impressions in Dreams” (b.1, f.40) 1955
Knapp, P.; Levin, S.; Wermer, H.; Zetzel, E. “An Experiment in Blind Prediction”; “Some Properties of the Patient Population”; “Selection and Evaluation of Patients”; “Institute Analysis Research” (b.2, 6) 1958
Knapp, P.; Nemetz, S. “Acute Bronchial Asthma” (b.2, f.12) 1959
Kris, E. “The Significance of Freud’s Earliest Discoveries for the History of Psychoanalysis” (b.1, f.13) 1949
Lewin, B. “Some Aspects of Elation” (b.1, f.25) 1951
Lindemann, E.; Dawes, L. “The Use of Psychoanalytic Constructs in Preventive Psychiatry” (b.1, f.27) 1951
Lowenstein, R. “Summary of a Paper on Phallic Passivity” (b.1, f.5) 1947
Margolin, S. “Some Metapsychological Aspects of Psychosomatic Medicine” (b.1, f.22) 1950
Michaels, J. “Disorders of Character- Persistent Enuresis, Jevenile Delinquency and Psychopathic Personality” (b.1, f.36) 1953
Modell, A. “The Theoretical Implications of Hallucinatory Experiences” (b.2, f.4) 1958
Murphy, W. “Character, Trauma, and Sensory Perception” (b.1, f.53) 1956
Murphy, W. “Ego Integration, Trauma, and Insight” (b.2, f.14) 1959
Myerson, P. “Awareness and Stress” (b.2, f.10) 1959
Nunberg, H. “Transference and Reality” (b.1, f.15) 1949
Rank, B. “The Adaption of the Psychoanalytic Technique for the Treatment of Young Children with Atypical Development” (b.1, f.10) 1948
Rapaport, D. “On Metapsychology” (b.2, f.7) 1958
Rexford, E. “Treatment of a Seriously Disturbed Young Child” (b.1, f.7) 1947
Rochlin, G. “The Disorder of Depression and Elation” (b.1, f.29) 1952
Rochlin, G. “Loss and Restitution” (b.1, f.35) 1953
Rochlin, G. “The Loss Complex” (b.2, f.8) 1958
Semrad, E.; Menzer, D.; Mann, J.; Standish, C. “Psychotherapy of the Psychoses in a State Hospital” (b.1, f.24) 1951
Solomon, P. “A Case of Impotence” (b.1, f.39) 1954
Stanton, A. “Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry Considerations Regarding a Psychiatric Hospital Program” (b.1, f.48) 1956
Sterba, R. “Clinical and Therapeutic Aspects of Character Resistance” (b.1, f.19) 1950
Zetzel, E. “Anxiety and the Capacity to Bear It” (b.1, f.17) 1949
Zetzel, E. “Current Concepts of Transference” (b.1, f.44) 1955
Zetzel, E. “Therapeutic Alliance in the Psychoanalysis of Hysteria” (b.2, f.3) 1957
Zilboorg, G. “The Positive and Negative Functions of the Sense of Guilt” (b.1, f.6) 1947
Zilboorg, G. “Clinical and Social Problems of Passivity” (b.1, f.21) 1950
Series II 1960-1969
Amerongen, S. “Social Problems of an Adolescent Patient” (b.5, f.5) 1965
Arvidson, R. “Hysterical Conversion Symptoms and Object Relationships” (b.6, f.20) 1969
Benjamin, J. “The Innate and the Experiential in Development” (b.2, f.18) 1960
Bibring, G. “A Study of the Psychological Processes in Pregnancy” (b.2, f.21) 1960
Bibring, G. “Old Age: Its Liabilities and Its Assets A Psychobiological Discourse” (b.5, f.8) 1966
BPSI “Reports on the Twenty-Second International Psycho-Analytical Congress” (b.3, f.7) 1961
BPSI “Reports on the Twenty-Third International Psycho-Analytical Congress” (b.4, f.8) 1963
BPSI “Psychoanalysis and Community Psychiatry” (b.6, f.19) 1969
Brasin, H. “Human Communication in a Clinical Setting” (b.6, f.3) 1967
Chase, L.; Hire, A. “Countertransference in the Analysis of Borderlines” (b.5, f.9) 1966
Coltrera, J. “The Gift of Daedalus-An Adaptive Aspect of the Superego in the Maintenance of Psychic Structure” (b.4, f.4) 1963
Edel, L. “The Biographer and Psycho-Analysis” (b.2, f.20) 1960
Engel, G. “Anxiety and Depression, the Primary Affects of Unpleasure” (b.2, f.25) 1960
Erikson, E. “The Psychosexual and the Psychosocial Dimension in the Interpretation of Dreams” (b.2, f.23) 1960
Fisher, C.; Dement, C. “Dreaming and Psychosis- Observations on the Dream-Sleep Cycle During the Course of an Acute Paranoid Psychosis” (b.3, f.4) 1961
Fox, H. “Body Image of a Photographer” (b.4, f.13) 1964
Fraiberg, S.; Freedman, D. “Observations on a Congenitally Blind Child with Severe Ego Deviations” (b.4, f.6) 1963
Fraiberg, S. “Repression and Repetition in Child Analysis” (b.5, f.12) 1966
Gifford, S. “Freud’s Theories of Unconscious Immortality and the Death Instinct: A Reconsideration in the Light of Recent Historical Experience and Modern Biological Knowledge” (b.6, f.14) 1968
Gitelson, M. “The Curative Factors in the First Phase of Psychoanalysis” (b.3, f.6) 1961
Goldstein, J. “Psychoanalysis and Jurisprudence” (b.6, f.6) 1967
Kaplan, B. “Meditations on Genesis- An Oblique Commentary on Psychoanalysis via a Consideration of the Organismic Developmental Approach” (b.4, f.18) 1965
Kaufman, R. “The Problems of the Psychoanalyst as a Teacher in General Psychiatry” (b.3, f.11) 1962
Klein, G. “Two Theories or One: Perspectives to Changes in Psychoanalytic Theory” (b.6, f.2) 1967
Knapp, P. “Short Term Psychoanalytic and Psychosomatic Predictions” (b.3, f.5) 1961
Knapp, P. “Purging and Curbing: An Inquiry into Disgust, Satiety, and Shame” (b.5, f.6) 1965
Kubie, L. “The Concept of Change in Psychological Processes and States” (b.4, f.17) 1965
Lamont, J. “Hawthorne’s Last Novels: A Study in Creative Failure” (b.3, f.8 1961
Levin, S. “On the Relationship of Shame and Guilt to the Instinctual Drives” (b.5, f.4) 1965
Levin, S. “A Common Type of Marital Incompatibility” (b.6, f.1) 1967
Levin, S. “Further Comments on a Common Type of Marital Incompatibility” (b.6, f.7) 1967
Levin, S. “The Psychoanalysis of Shame” (b.6, f.18) 1969
Lustman, S. “Structuralized Delay” (b.5, f.2) 1965
Mack, J. “Children’s Nightmares- A Developmental Study” (b.4, f.14) 1964
Marmor, J. “Psychoanalytic Therapy as an Educational Process” (b.3, f.13) 1962
McGuire, M. “Philosophy of History in Psychoanalysis” (b.5, f.10) 1966
Meissner, W. “Dreaming as Process” (b.6, f.16) 1968
Modell, A. “On Having the Right to a Life-An Aspect of the Super-Ego’s Development” (b.4, f.11) 1964
Morris, T. “Abortion: Psychiatric Implications” (b.6, f.9) 1968
Murray, J. “The Transformation of Narcissism into Ego-Ideal” (b.4, f.3) 1963
Myerson, P. “The Assimilation of Unconcious Material” (b.3, f.15) 1962
Myerson, P. “The Hysteric’s Experience in Psychoanalysis” (b.6, f.15) 1968
Pavenstedt, E.; Wolff, P. “Three Months’ Study of Very Young Children in Japan” (b.4 f.9) 1964
Pinderhughes, C. “Temporal Relationships in Patterns of Illness- A Clinical Study of Psychosomatic Relationships” (b.6, f.17) 1969
Quarton, G. “Research in Psychoanalysis” (b.6, f.10) 1968
Rangell, L. “Some Re-Thinking on our Psychoanalytic Nosology” (b.2, f.24) 1960
Rochlin, G. “The Thought of Dying-Some Origins of Religous Belief” (b.4, f.1) 1963
Rochlin, G. “Some Effects of Aggression on Mood- A Clinical Demonstration” (b.6, f.4) 1967
Rochlin, G. “Grief and Aggression” (b.6, f.22) 1969
Rosenbaum, M. “Dreams in Which the Analyst Appears Undisguised” (b.4, f.7) 1963
Sandler, J. “Research with the Hampstead Psychoanalytic Index” (b.3, f.3) 1961
Sandler, J. “Recent Research with the Hampstead Index” (b.4, f.16) 1964
Schafer, R. “Attachment to Painful Feelings: A Clinical Study” (b.6, f.21) 1969
Scheinberg, I. “Consideration of Psychiatric Abnormalities in Patients with an Hereditary Disorder: Wilson’s Disease” (b.6, f.11) 1968
Schur, M. “Metapsychological Aspects of Phobias in Adults” (b.4, f.2) 1963
Sifneos, P. “Dreams, Fantasies and the Artistic Creation” (b.2, f.26) 1960
Silverman, S. “Ego Function and Body Language” (b.2, f.19) 1960
Stein, M. “Self-Observation, Reality and the Superego” (b.5, f.1) 1965
Swartz, J. “Conformity and Non-Conformity” (b.3, f.9) 1962
Tartakoff, H. “The Normal Personality in Our Culture and The Nobel Prize Complex” (b.5, f.7) 1966
Valenstein, A. “Affects, Emotional Reliving, and Insight in the Psychoanalytic Process” (b.3, f.10) 1962
Waelder, R. “The Main Motif in the Development of Psychoanalytic Thought” (b.4, f.12) 1964
Weinberger, J. “A Syndrome of Silence-Silence, Masochism and Depression” (b.3, f.2) 1961
Weinberger, J. “Latent Dream and Body Image: Relation to Numbers 3 and 13” (b.6, f.11) 1968
Weiner, H. “Psychoanalysis as a Biological Science” (b.4, f.10) 1964
Whitman, R; Sinha, T.C. “Dreams About the Patient”; “The Ego Factor in Psychoanalysis in India” (b.4, f.15) 1964
Winnicott, D. “Dependence in Infant Care, in Child Care, and in the Psycho-Analytic Setting” (b.3, f.14) 1962
Wittkower, E.; Aufreiter, J. “Psychosomatic Concepts in Psychoanalytic Education” (b.3, f.12) 1962
Wolff, P. “Piaget’s Development Theory in the Light of Psychoanalysis” (b.2, f.22) 1960
Wolff, P. “The Real and The Reconstructed Past” (b.5, f.13) 1966
Zetzel, E. “Aggression and the Theory of Symptom Formation” (b.3, f.1) 1961
Zetzel, E. “Depression and the Incapacity to Bear It” (b.4, f.5) 1963
Zetzel, E. “The Theory of Therapy in Relation to a Developmental Model of the Psychic Apparatus” (b.4, f.?) 1964
Zetzel, E. “1965: Additional Notes Upon a Case of Obsessional Neurosis: Freud 1909” (b.5, f.3) 1965
Zetzel, E. “The Analytic Process” (b.5, f.11) 1966
Zetzel, E. “The So-Called Good Hysteric” (b.6, f.5) 1967
Zinberg, N. “The Mirage of Mental Health” (b.6, f.8) 1967
Zinberg, N. “The Mirage of Mental Health” (b.6, f.13) 1968
Series III 1970-1979
Binstock, W. “Purgation Through Pity and Terror” (b.8, f.12) 1975
Blos, P. “The Epigenesis of the Adult Neurosis” (b.7, f.20) 1972
Blum, H. “Feminine Masochism, The Ego Ideal, and The Psychology of Women” (b.9, f.7) 1976
Caudill, W. “The First Six Years- Parental Care adn Child Development in Japan and America” (b.7, f.16) 1972
Dahl, H. “A Quantitative Study of a Psychoanalysis” (b.7, f.8) 1970
Day, M. “Hallucinations in a Hysteric: Unintegrated Grief” (b.7, f.1) 1970
Fleming, J. “The Mutual Influence of Developmental and Structural Concepts and Treatment of Parent Loss Patients” (b.9, f.12) 1977
Forman, M. “The Case for a Clear-Cut Clinical Distinction Between the Narcissistic Personality Disorders and the Oedipal Fixation” (b.8, f.10) 1974
Fraiberg, S. “Ghosts in the Nursery: A Psychoanalytic Approach to the Problems of Impaired Infant-Mother Relationships” (b.8, f.8) 1974
Freedman, D. “On Hearing, Oral Language, and Psychic Structure” (b.7, f.17) 1972
Greenberg, R.; Perlman, C. “If Freud Only Knew: A Reconsideration of Psychoanalytic Dream Theory” (b.9, f.3) 1976
Gutheil, T.; Havens, L. “The Therapeutic Alliance- Contemporary Meaning and Confusions” (b.9, f.14) 1977
Havens, L. “The Instrumental Point of View in Psychoanalysis” (b.8, f.14) 1975
Isay, R. “Ambiguity in Speech” (b.9, f.8) 1976
Joseph, E. “Perception, An Ego Function, and Reality” (b.7, f.10) 1971
Kantrowitz, J. “An Evaluation of Suitability for Psychonalysis” (b.8, f.13) 1975
Kernberg, O. “Barriers to Being In Love” (b.7, f.18) 1972
Khantzian, E. “Opiate Addiction: A Critical Assessment of Theory adn Some Implications for Current Treatment Approaches” (b.8, f.6) 1973
Kris, A. “Either-Or Dilemmas” (b.9, f.9) 1976
Loewenstein, R. “Ego Autonomy and Psychoanalytic Technique” (b.7, f.15) 1971
Mack, J. “The Psychoanalyst in the Community: Potentialities and Limitations in a Situation of Social Change” (b.7, f.19) 1972
Mack, J. “Some Thoughts on Resistance and the Privacy of the Self” (b.9, f.6) 1976
Mann, J. “The Experience of Time: A Model for Brief Psychoanalysis” (b.8, f.4) 1973
Mazlish, B. “Fathers and Sons: The Oedipus Complex in the 19th Century” (b.8, f.5) 1973
McCarley, R. “Mind-Body Isomorphism and The Study of Dreams” (b.9, f.11) 1977
McCarter, R. “Present Day Student Rebellion” (b.7, f.11) 1971
McGuire, M. “Repression, Resistance and Recall of the Past: Some Reconsiderations” (b.7, f.3) 1970
Mehlman, R. “Transference Mobilization, Transference Resolution, and the Narcissistic Alliance” (b.9, f.2) 1976
Modell, A. “The Ego and the Id- Fifty Years Later” (b.8, 3) 1973
Modell, A. “A Narcissistic Defense Against Affects and the Illusion of Self-Sufficiency” (b.8, f.9) 1974
Modell, A. “The Holding Environment and the Therapeutic Action of Psychoanalysis” (b.8, f.16) 1975
Murray, J. “The Purpose of Confrontation” (b.7, f.9) 1971
Mushatt, C. “Mind-Body Environment: Towards Understanding the Impact of Loss on Psyche and Soma” (b.8, f.1) 1973
Myerson, P. “The False Self Syndrome” (b.8, f.2) 1973
Niederland, W. “The Naming of America” (b.7, f.14) 1971
NJPS “The New Jersey Psychoanalytic Society Bulletin” (b.7, f.6) 1970
Ornstein, P.; Ornstein, A. “The Nature of the Therapist-Patient Relationship and the Curative Fantasy in the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies” (b.9, f.4) 1976
Palombo, S. “The Adaptive Function of Dreams” (b.9, f.1) 1976
Ritvo, S. “Late Adolescence- Development and Clinical Considerations” (b.7, f.13) 1971
Rochlin, G. “A Trial De Novo: Some Early Classic Cases” (b.7, f.21) 1972
Rochlin, G. “Discussion of ‘On Siblings, Childhood Sibling Loss, and Creativity'” (b.10, f.3) 1978
Rowland, C. “Massive Obesity, Psychosis, and Ego Organization” (b.8, f.11) 1975
Rubenstein, B.; Levitt, M. “The Creative Process and the Narcissistic Personality Disorder” (b.10, f.5) 1979
Sandler, A. “Beyond Eight Month Anxiety” (b.9, f.13) 1977
Santostefano, S. “Cognition in Personality and the Treatment Process- A Psychoanalytic View” (b.9, f.16) 1978
Schwaber, E. “On the ‘Self’ Within the Matrix of Analytic Theory” (b.9, f.10) 1977
Schwaber, E. “Self Psychology and the Concept of Psychopathology: A Case Presentation” (b.10, f.1) 1978
Silberger, J. “The Mental Healing of Mary Baker Eddy” (b.9, f.17) 1978
Simon, B. “The Hero As An Only Child” (b.8, f.7) 1974
Solnit, A. “Some Applications of Theory of Object Constancy in Childhood” (b.10, f.6) 1979
Spruiell, V. “The Analyst’s Motives” (b.9, f.15) 1977
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