Historical Note: The International Psycho-Analytical Association was founded at the International Psychoanalytical Congress of 1910 in Nuremberg, even though the idea of the International Association and international meetings of psychoanalysts was discussed by Freud, Jones, and Jung as early as 1907. The association was started in Zürich, and the first president of IPA was Jung. When the Zürich Society withdrew from IPA, the president became Abraham (1914-1925), then Eitingon (1927-1934), and finally Ernest Jones (1934-1949), who was running IPA in the difficult times of theWorld War II, contributed to the solution of the long-lasting disagreement between American and European analysts over lay-analysis, and was eventually made IPA’s permanent Honorary President.  IPA is now the world’s primary regulatory body for psychoanalysis. It holds biennial Congresses since 1910, and publishes the International Journal of Psycho-Analysis founded by Jones in 1920.  The American Psychoanalytic Association is a constituent of IPA.

Summary: this small collection contains programs of the International Psycho-Analytical Congresses of 1932 and 1934. Please note that our Bibring Photograph Collection depicts members of IPA Congresses from 1932 through 1938. The program of the 2015 IPA Congress in Boston is available as a digital PDF file. The BPSI Archives also holds a photograph from the 11th International Psycho-Analytical Congress, Oxford, 1929, which includes Anna Freud and Ernest Jones among other participants (see Karen Horney Collection photographs), a report on the 16th IPA Congress in 1949 (see Scientific Meetings), a sound recording of Reports on the Twenty-Third International Psycho-Analytical Congress, Stockholm (see Audiovisual Materials, RR 42), and a list of IPA members of 1931-1944 (see Grete Bibring Collection).

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