Descriptive Summary

Repository: The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
Creator: Hendrick, Ives
Title: Ives Hendrick, M.D. (1898-1972) Papers
Dates: 1902-1976
Quantity: 57 boxes (55 manuscript, 2 photo)
Abstract: Personal and professional papers of BPSI cofounder, Ives Hendrick from 1902-1976
Identification: MS-N021
Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Boston Psychoanalytic Society & Institute
Language: Material in English

Biographical Note

Ives Hendrick (March 10, 1898 – May 28, 1972) was a psychiatrist and co-founder of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. Born in New Haven, Connecticut to Burton and Bertha Hendrick, he was given the name “Ives” after his mother’s maiden name. In 1918 he entered Catholic University and then was admitted to Yale, where he studied pre-medical courses and went to medical school. Hendrick began his professional career as a medical service house-officer in New York at Lennox Hill Hospital under the chief resident, Carl Reich. By 1926, he had moved to Boston to work at the Boston Psychopathic Hospital. Soon Dr. Chapman of the Sheppard and Enoch Pratt hospital in Baltimore persuaded Hendrick to join the medical staff, so he moved again to Baltimore, MD, where he stayed from 1927 until 1928. In 1928 Hendrick traveled to Europe, and was analyzed by Dr. Alexander in Berlin. In the next two years he studied at the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute. Hendrick returned to Boston in 1930, helped co-found the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute as a charter member and became its elected president (he returned to the presidential role at BPI from 1946 to 1947). At the same time he was also president of the American Psychoanalytic Association, joined the Harvard Medical School teaching staff, was an analyst at McLean hospital, and a consultant for the Massachusetts General Hospital. Besides countless articles and papers, Hendrick published three books: Facts and Theories (1934, 1939, 1958), Birth of an Institute (1961) about the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute, and Psychiatry Today (1964). Hendrick passed away of natural causes in 1972 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetary, New Haven, Connecticut.

Scope and Content Note

These records were compiled and kept by Ives Hendrick (I.H.) throughout his life. The majority of the collection consists of correspondence: professional, general, and personal. There are also teaching records, manuscripts and reprints (written by I.H.), professional organization records, research, and some photographs. For a more thorough description of the series, see “Summary of Contents.”

The earliest papers are in the personal correspondence series; they date back to 1902. There were a few files of correspondence between Hendrick’s daughter, Jane and Sanford Gifford; these go up to 1976.

This collection is divided into ten series.

Series I. Correspondence, Professional, 1930-1971

Series II. Correspondence, General, 1943-1971

Series III. Correspondence, Personal, 1902-1974

Series IV. Scholastic, 1903-1924

Series V. Teaching Records, 1925-1968

Series VI. Professional Organizations, 1940-1971

Series VII. Seminars, Conferences and Symposia, 1935-1960

Series VIII. Manuscripts, Reprints, Discussions, 1927-1972

Series IX. Photographs, 1898-1971

Series X. Biographical Materials


Restrictions to Access

If you wish to access any records in the BPSI Archives, please email the library or call 617-266-0953.

Copyright Notice

Please contact the Boston Psychoanalytic Society & Institute for copyright information

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Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
Hendrick, Ives, 1898-1972
Social sciences and psychoanalysis.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], in the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute Archives, The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Newton Centre, MA, USA.

Acquisition Information:

Ives Hendrick’s family donated this collection after Hendrick died in 1972. The collection was kept in BPSI storage until the archivist processed it in 1999 and 2000. Photographs were processed by the archives intern in 2013.

November 2006 Addition: Sanford Gifford, M.D. brought additional Ives Hendrick’s materials including over 50 photographs dating back to 1950-1960s. The Ives Hendrick’s photo box has been established (see Box 56 of Series IX Photographs).

January 2007 Addition: William C. Ackerly. M.D. donated about 40 letters and copies exchanged between Ives Hendrick, M.D. (1898-1972) in Boston, MA and S. Spafford Ackerly, M.D. (1895-1981) in Louisville, KY dating back to 1933-1943. The correspondence has been found in Spaff’s personal files by his daughter, Carita Ackerly Warner and sent to his son William C. Ackerly, M.D. in Boston 2007. The letters have been filed in Box 1 of Series I: Professional Correspondence, under S. Spafford Ackerly’s name.

June 2007 Addition: address given by Dr. Leston Havens at Ives Hendrick’s memorial service, 1972 and Ives Hendrick’s will (copy), 1972 have been added to Box 57.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Jessica Steytler, 1996. Finding aid created by Olga Umansky, 2000. Finding aid encoded by Allison Blakeslee, 2013.

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Series I. Correspondence, Professional,  1930-1971
This collection begins with correspondence because Ives Hendrick was such an avid letter-writer. Thirty-nine of the fifty-seven boxes in the collection are dedicated to I.H.’s letters.
The correspondence in this series is what Hendrick’s filing system referred to as professional. There is a lot of overlap between all the correspondence series, as Hendrick had friends within the profession with whom he would discuss business.
The files are arranged in alphabetical order. Most are labeled with specific names, but there are general files as well.
Box 1
A,  1930-1938
A,  1930-1950
John Abbott,  n.d. [ca.1930-1948]
S. Spafford Ackerly,  1932-1955
S. Spafford Ackerly, 1933-1943
[added in 2007, includes description from William C. Ackerley, M.D]
Franz Alexander,  1930-1936
American Psychiatric Association,  1938-1939
B,  1930-1938
Box 2
B,  1930-1950
Dr. Baty,  1937-1938
Phyllis Blanchard,  1935
Edward Bibring,  1943-1952
Carl Binger,  1944-1948
A.A. Brill,  1930-1938
Lillian Bruce,  n.d. [ca. 1936-1938]
Earl Bond,  1927-1937
C,  1930-1938
C,  1930-1951
Charles McFee Campbell,  1931-1942
Florence Clothier,  1937-1938
Stanley Cobb,  1932-1938
Isador H. Coriat,  1931-1932
D,  1930-1951
D,  1932-1938
George Daniels,  1931-1938
Box 3
John Dollard,  1935-1938
E,  1930-1950
E,  1932-1936
Milton Erikson,  1935-1937
F,  1930-1951
F,  1932-1939
Clarence Farrar,  1938
Zilpha Franklin “Child Study,”  1935-1936
Dorian Fabian,  1931-1936
G,  1930-1951
G,  1930-1934
Arnold Gessell,  1937-1938
Bernard Gueck “Stony Lodge,”  1931-1933
Raymond Gosselin,  1930-1937
H,  1930-1951
H n.d. [ca. 1931-1939]
Ernest Hadley,  1932-1936
William Healy,  1932-1936
Harvard University,  1930-1932
Box 4
Karen Horney,  n.d. [ca. 1932-1933]
William and Susan Herman,  1932-1933
Uno Helegsson,  1936-1938
I-J,  1930-1951
I,  n.d. [ca. 1930-1935]
J,  n.d. [ca. 1934-1936]
Smith Ely Jelliffe,  1938-1940
Ernest Jones,  1931-1938
Harold Jones,  1937-1938
K,  1939-1942, 1971
K,  1931-1937
Abraham Kardiner,  1931-1937
Jacob, Kasanin,  1932-1938
M. Ralph Kaufman,  1931-1938
Knopf, Alfred,  1934-1937
Knopf, Alfred,  1939-1940
Knopf, Alfred,  1951-1971
Lawrence Kubie,  1930-1938
L,  1939-1942
L, 1931-1938
Bertram Lewin,  1932-1936
Betsey Libbey,  1933-1935
Sandor Lorand,  1944-1952
Margaret Lovejoy,  1932-1938
Box 5
M,  1939-1942
M,  n.d. [ca. 1927-1938]
Mc,  1931-1938
Madison McCoy,  1931-1933
Karl Menninger,  1931-1938
William Menninger,  1937, 1947-1951
H. Houston Merritt,  1948-1949
Monroe Meyer,  1933-1936
Harriet Mills,  1938
Merrill Moore,  1934-1938
John Murray,  1931-1938
N,  1930-1951
O,  1931-1942
P,  1939-1942
P,  1930-1938
Box 6
Talcott Parsons,  1938
Grant Pennoyer,  1936
Irmarita Putnam,  1932-1933
R,  1939-1945
R,  1930-1938
Sandor Rado,  1931-1938
M.A. Rosanoff,  1935
S,  1927-1938
S,  1939-1942
Hanns Sachs,  1932-1936
I. Herbert Scheinberg,  1951-1962
Harley C. Shands,  1950-1951
Lester W. Sontag,  1942-1953
T,  1939-1943
T,  1932-1938
John Tyler,  1932-1933
Box 7
U,  1941-1942
W,  1938-1943
W,  1931-1938
Helen Weitknecht,  1931-1934
Frankwood Williams,  1931-1932
George Wilbur,  1931
Milton Winternitz,  1931-1937
David Young , 1943-1950
David Young , 1953-1955
David Young , 1955-1957
Box 8
David Young,  1957-1958
David Young,  1958-1962
David Young,  1963-1965
David Young,  1965-1968
David Young,  1968-1971
X-Y-Z,  1931-1942
Hendrick,  n.d.
Hendrick,  n.d.
Series II. Correspondence, General,  1943-1971
This series was originally divided within Hendrick’s file cabinets into a 1943-1952 set, and a 1952-1971 set. As the series title indicates, these are general letters sent by or sent to Hendrick. Unlike Series I., this series is made up mostly of general files, rather than labeled with individual’s names.
Box 9
A,  1943-1952
(2) AC,  1952-1971
AL-AM,  1943-1952
AE-AM,  1952-1971
AM-AN,  1952-1971
AN-AZ,  1943-1952
AN-AX,  1952-1971
Box 10
B,  1943-1952
(2) B,  1952-1971
BA-BAG,  1943-1952
BA,  1952-1971
BA-BI,  1943-1952
Box 11
BE-BO,  1952-1971
Blue Shield,  1943-1952
BL-BO,  1943-1952
BO,  1952-1971
BO-BU,  1943-1952
BR-BU,  1943-1952
Box 12
C,  1943-1952
(2) C,  1952-1971
CA-CO,  1943-1952
CA-CL,  1952-1971
CO-CU,  1943-1952
CL-CO,  1952-1971
Box 13
D,  1943-1952
(2) D,  1952-1971
E,  1943-1952
E,  1952-1971
England Trip,  1948
E,  1943-1952
Box 14
(2) F,  1943-1952
F,  1952-1971
FI-FR,  1952-1971
(2) G,  1943-1952
Box 15
H,  1952-1971
HAI-HAR,  1943-1952
HAR,  1943-1952
HAR,  1946-1950
HAR,  1947-1950
HA,  1952-1971
HAR,  1952-1971
HAR,  1952-1971
Box 16
HAR,  1952-1971
HAS-Ho,  1952-1971
HE,  1943-1952
HE-HU,  1943-1952
Hong Kong,  1965
I-J,  1943-1952
I,  1952-1971
J,  1952-1971
K,  1952-1971
Box 17
KA-KN,  1943-1952
KA-KE,  1952-1971
KN-KU,  1943-1952
KE-KU,  1952-1971
Box 18
L,  1952-1971
LA-LE,  1943-1952
LA-LO,  1952-1071
LE-LU,  1943-1952
LO-LY,  1952-1971
M,  1952-1971
Mac/Mc,  1943-1952
Mac/Mc,  1952-1971
Box 19
(2) MA,  1943-1952
MA,  1952-1971
ME-MD,  1943-1952
ME,  1952-1971
MI-MU,  1952-1971
MO-MU,  1943-1952
Box 20
NA,  1943-1952
N,  1952-1971
NA-NE,  1952-1971
NE-NU,  1943-1952
NE-NU,  1952-1971
O,  1943-1952
O,  1952-1971
PA-PE,  1943-1952
Box 21
P,  1952-1971
PA-PS,  1952-1971
PH-PO,  1943-1952
PR-PU,  1943-1952
PS-PU,  1952-1971
Q-RI,  1943-1952
Box 22
R,  1952-1971
RA-RI,  1952-1971
RO-RU,  1943-1952
RO-RY,  1952-1971
SA-SE,  1943-1952
(2) S,  1952-1971
SA-SC,  1952-1971
Box 23
SH-SO,  1943-1952
SC-SH,  1952-1971
(2) SH,  1952-1971
SH-SW,  1952-1971
Box 24
SO-SZ,  1952-1971
T,  1943-1952
T,  1952-1971
U-V,  1943-1952
U-V,  1952-1971
W,  1943-1952
Box 25
W,  1943-1952
(2) W,  1952-1971
WA-WE,  1943-1952
WH-WO,  1943-1952
YA,  1943-1952
Box 26
(4) YA,  1952-1971
Y-Z,  1952-1971
YE-YO,  1943-1952
Series III. Correspondence, Personal,  1902-1974
Hendrick and his mother, Bertha Hendrick, had an on-going correspondence from when I.H. was a schoolboy at camp until Mrs. Hendrick’s last years. This correspondence dominates this series. I.H. and his father, Burton, also had a sizable correspondence. Like their son, Hendrick’s parents kept many letters written by I.H.  After their deaths, I.H. added these letters to his files.
This collection is arranged in chronological order. Often, the original files could roughly determine the dates of letters when there was no date on the letter itself.
Box 27
Hobart’s birth certificate,  1902
Family,  1905-1920s
Camp Letters,  1910-1911
To Parents,  1913-1914
From Parents,  n.d.
Medical Discharge,  1917
Invitations,  1917
Yale Grades,  1917
Personal,  1917
(4) From Parents,  n.d. [ca. 1917-1922]
(2) Personal and Family,  1917-1930
Box 28
Personal and Family,  1917-1930
From Family,  1917-1919
Personal,  n.d. [ca. 1917-1922]
Personal,  1918
From Parents,  1918-1919
Personal  1918-1923
Personal,  1919-1920
To Parents,  1919-1921
From Parents,  1919-1920
Personal,  n.d. [ca. 1920s]
Personal,  1920
To Parents,  1920s
From Parents,  1920-1922
Box 29
Personal,  1921
From Parents,  1921-1922
To Parents,  1921-1922
From Margaret,  1921-1929
To Parents,  1922-1925
Personal,  1922-1923
From Mother,  1922-1923
From Hobart,  1922-1923
From Parents,  1922-1923
Personal,  n.d. [ca. 1923-1924]
Personal,  1923
Box 30
Personal,  1923
From Father,  1923, 1935, 1940
Personal,  1924
Personal,  1925
To Mother,  1925-1927
To Parents, Sweden Trip,  1926
From Parents, in Europe,  1926
From Parents  1926
From Hobart and Mary  1926-1929
To Mother,  1927-1928
From Parents,  1927
Personal,  n.d. [ca. 1927-1928]
Box 31
Personal,  1927
Personal,  n.d. [ca. 1928-1930]
Personal, Berlin,  1928-1929
Ives and Father, Berlin,  1928-1930
(2) To Parents,  1928
Personal,  1928
Personal,  1928
Box 32
Personal,  1928
Personal,  1928
Personal,  1928
Personal,  n.d. [ca. 1929]
Else Pruschowska,  n.d.
To Parents,  1929
From Mother, Berlin,  1929
From Else Pruschowska,  1929-1933
Personal, Berlin,  1929-1930
Personal,  1929
Box 33
Personal,  1929
Personal,  1929
Personal, Berlin,  1930
Personal,  1930
To Parents,  1930
To Parents,  1930, 1933, 1938
From Father,  1930-1934
Ives and Father,  1930s
To Father,  1930s
To Mother [added in 1/2007], 1931
To Hobart,  1930s-1940s
From Mother,  n.d. [ca. 1930-1933]
From Else Pruschowska to Mrs. Ives Hendrick,   1930-1933
Personal,  ca.1931-1934
From Parents,  1931
Box 34
Christmas Cards,  1931, 1934
To Father,  1933-1934
From Parents,  1935-1937
From Family,  n.d. [ca. 1935-1937]
To Father,  1936
To Father,  1937
To Father,  1938
Hobart and Mary,  1938-1952
From Family,  1938-1943
From Parents,  n.d. [ca. 1938-1943]
To Mother,  n.d. [ca. 1940s]
From Father,  1940s
Box 35
To Mother,  1940-1943
From Parents,  1943
To Father,  1943-1948
From Parents,  1944
Christmas Cards,  1944
From Parents,  1945
Hobart and Mary,  1945
From Parents,  1946
Between Ives and Mother,  1947
(2) Christmas Cards,  1947-1949
Between Ives and Mother,  n.d. [ca. 1947-1948]
Between Ives and Mother,  1948
Family Research,  1948-1951
Box 36
To Father,  1948
To Mother, Includes letters from grandchildren,  1948-1950
(2) Between Ives and Mother,  1949
Family, Hobart and Mary,  1949-1952
Letter Fragments,  1950s
Between Ives and Mother,  n.d. [ca. 1950s]
(2) Between Ives and Mother,  1950
To Mother,  1950-1951
(2) To Mother 1950-1953
Box 37
Between Ives and Mother,  1951
Mexico Trip,  1951-1952
Trip, Canceled,  1952
Between Ives and Mother,  1952
To Mother, Includes Ives Jr’s Death,  1953-1955
About Ives Jr.,  1953-1959
To Mother,  1953-1956
About Mother,  1954-1957
To Mother,  1954-1955
To Mother,  1955
To Mother,  1955-1958
To Mother,  1956
To Mother,  1957
Box 38
Autobiography,  1956-1958
To Mother,  1957
To Mother,  1958-1959
To Mother,  1959-1960
To Mother,  1960-1961
To Mother,  1961-1962
Personal, Genealogy,  1963
Financial- Safe Deposit Box Contents,  1965-1969
Jane Hendrick Rumsey,  1967-1974
Personal,  n.d.
Personal,  n.d.
Sub-Series III.- Bertha, Burton, and Hobart Hendrick
This sub-series contains those letters that I.H. acquired after these family members died. This correspondence contained enough letters from people other than I.H. that they warranted a separate section in order to avoid confusion. There are also many letters included from I.H., as well.
Hobart ca.,  1915-1926
Bertha,  1918-1923
Between Burton and Bertha,  1920
Burton,  1922
Burton,  1938
Burton,  n.d. [1938-1942]
Burton,  1939
Burton,  1940
Burton,  1941
Burton,  1942
Bertha,  n.d.
Series IV.- Scholastic,  1903-1924
Most of this series contains creative writing essays and histories written by I.H. as a child. There are also exercise notebooks and small art projects. The last two folders of the series, from 1918-1924 are from I.H.’s later high school and collegiate years.
Box 40
Notebook,  n.d.
(6) Scholastic,  n.d.
Childhood book on solar system,  n.d.
Childhood play: “How Arthur Became King,”  n.d.
Childhood Play,  n.d.
Scholastic,  n.d. [ca. 1903]
Scholastic,  1903
Scholastic,  n.d. [1905-1908]
Box 41
Childhood Play,  n.d.
School Papers,  n.d.
Biography of Lincoln,  1905
Scholastic,  1905
Scholastic,  1905-1906
Scholastic,  1906-1908
History of Thanksgiving,  1909
Scholastic,  1908
Scholastic,  1910
Scholastic,  1911
Box 42
Scholastic,  1913-1916
“History of the Telephone,”  1915
Class Essays and Poetry,  1918-1921
Class Essays and Poetry,  ca. 1919
Yale,  1924
Series V.- Teaching Records,  1925-1968
The majority of the records from this series are from Harvard: the Medical School  and the Teaching Unit. There are also some from Massachusetts Mental Health. For more records from Mass. Mental Health, look in Series VI.
Some of the types of papers found are lectures, teaching outlines, student interviews, diagnostic interviews, correspondence, bibliographies, and institutional guidelines and schedules. Most of the documents are specific to I.H.’s teaching, rather than to the institution in which he taught.
Box 43
Certificates and Professional Appointment Announcements,  nd
Carricula Vitae,  1941-1964
I.H.’s first case,  1926
Research-Schizophrenia,  1925
Research- Schizophrenia,  1926-1927
Harvard Lectures,  n.d.
Pittsburgh Lectures,  1935
Massachusetts Graduate Lectures,  1948
Teaching Outlines (Not I.H.’s),  n.d.
Box 44
Case Records,  1926-ca. 1929
Case Study,  1944
Massachusetts Mental Health,  1967-1968
Harvard Medical School: Student Interviews,  1957
Harvard Medical School: Elective Students,  1958-1959
Harvard Medical School: Electives and Special Interviews,  1960-1961
Harvard Medical School: Electives,  1962-1964
Harvard Medical School: Internship Appointments,  1962
Harvard Medical School: IV Students’ References and Correspondence,  1962
Harvard Medical School: Diagnostic Interview Code Sheets,  n.d.
Harvard Medical School: Diagnosis,  1944
Harvard Medical School: Diagnostic Interviews  1953-1956
Harvard Medical School: Diagnostic Interviews,  1957-1958
Harvard Medical School: Diagnostic Interviews,  1959
Box 45 
Harvard Medical School: Diagnostic Interveiews,  1960
Harvard Medical School: Diagnostic Interveiews,  1961
Harvard Medical School: Diagnostic Interveiews,  1962
Harvard Medical School: Diagnostic Interveiews,  1963
Harvard Medical School: Diagnostic Interveiews,  1964-1966
Harvard Medical School: Retirement from Harvard,   1964
Box 46: Harvard Teaching Unit
Harvard Appointment 1964
HTU 1948-1959
Correspondence,  1947-1948
Correspondence,  1949-1950
Correspondence,  1950-1954
Correspondence,  1954-1955
Correspondence,  1955-1957
Correspondence,  1959-1960
Correspondence,  1960-1963
Correspondence with Dr. Solomon,  1954-1957
Box 47: Harvard Teaching Unit
References,  1953-1958
References,  1959-1960
References,  1960-1964
Third Year Teaching,  1949
Third Year Lectures,  1950
Third Year Instructors,  1951
Britannica Article,  1949
Programs and Materials,  1958-1962
Bibliography,  1950-1952
Bibliography,  1955
Bibliography 1959-1961
Box 48
Residency Programs and Correspondence,  1948-1955
Fourth Year Students’ Information and Materials,  n.d.
Dr. Haven’s Project,  1958-1959
Notes regarding Instructions,  1957-1958
Child Psychiatry Unit Correspondence,  1950-1952
Series VI.- Professional Organizations,  1940-1971
I.H. was involved in several organizations: American Psychoanalytic Association (APA), Boston Psychopathic Hospital (BPH), Southard Clinic, Massachusetts Mental Health Clinic (MMHC), Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (BPSI), and more. The majority of the records in this series are from the APA. The organizations are arranged in alphabetical order, with the                        exception of the APA, which is boxed separately, due to its size.
Many researchers may be looking for I.H.’s records from BPSI. Due to its confidential nature, most of these records have been scheduled for destruction, as mandated by law. Series VII. does contain some of the BPSI/BPI seminars. The committee files that fell into this category that Hendrick kept are as follows:
Education, 1943-1947, 1950-1965
Membership-Training, 1952
Students, 1951-1971
Curriculum 1950-1959
BPI Faculty 1964-1971
Admissions 1948-1960, 1968-1971
Education and Review 1964-1969
Executive, 1950
Training Analysts 1952, 1959, 1961-1971
Box 48 Continued
American Orthopsychiatric Association,  1946-1953
American Society for Research in Psychosomatic Problems- Committee on Infancy and Childhood 1943
American Society for Research in Psychosomatic Problems- Committee on Infancy and Childhood 1944-1946
Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute,  1939-1942
BPSI Library,  1953
Boston Psychopathic Hospital,  1953-1958
BPH 2nd Year Resident Seminar,  1959
BPH 50th Anniversary Paper by R. Kaufman, Discussion by Lawrence Kolb,  1962
BPH 50th Anniversary Panel Correspondence,  1961-1963
Boston Society of Psychiatry and Neurology,  1940-1941
Boston Society of Psychiatry and Neurology,  1946-1950
International Psychoanalytic Association,  1949-1952
International Psychoanalytic Association  1971
Massachusetts Mental Health Clinic Correspondence and References,  1965-1968
Massachusetts Mental Society,  1944-1946, 1954
Southard Clinic,  1959-1969
Box 49: American Psychoanalytic Association 
Arbitration Council Committee,  1945-1946
Arbitration Council Committee,  1945-1946
Archives Committee,  1965-1966
Bulletin,  1948-1949
Correspondence,  1943-1959
Correspondence,  1964
Correspondence, President’s,  1955-1959
“The Current Practice of Psychoanalysis” Discussion Group,  1967
Education in State Hospitals Committee,  1955-1956
Evaluation of Therapy Committee,  1948-1949
Executive Council,  1943-1947
Executive Council,  1953-1957
Fact Finding Research Committee,  1959-1960
National Conference on Post War Problems of Psychiatric Training Postwar Problems  1945-1946
Box 50: American Psychoanalytic Association (continued)
National Conference on Post War Problems,  1945-1946
Menninger Award Committee,  1959
Nominating Advisory Committee,  1957
Northern New England APA,  1944-1967
Program Committee,  1947
Program Committee,  1949-1950
Program Committee, Brill Memorial,  1948-1949
Psychoanalytic Education Survey,  1955-1958
Research Award Committee,  1955-1956
Standing Committees,  1948-1951
Survey Committee,  1954-1956
Survey Financing Committee,  1954-1957
Series VII. Seminars, Conferences and Symposia,  1935-1960
This series contains several seminars and conferences hosted by BPSI from the mid-1950s. There is also a conference about post-war Germany from 1945-1946. The records are arranged in alphabetical order.
Box 51
BPI Clinical Conference,  1957
BPI Development and Pathology of the Ego,  1955, 1956
BPI Seminar,  1955, 1956
BPSI Seminars,  1955-1956
BPI Theory of Instincts,  1955, 1956
Depression Symposium,  1960
Ego Psychology Seminar- David Rapaport,  1951
Evaluation of Therapy by Psychoanalysis Symposium,  1951
Germany After the War Conference – Paper by P. Kecshemti and N. Leites,  1945
Germany After the War Conference,  1946
Sociology Seminar,  1942
Techniques Seminar,   1935
Series VIII.- Manuscripts, Reprints, Discussions,  1927-1972
Hendrick’s articles and manuscripts are arranged in alphabetical order. There are some samples of rough drafts for some of the more extensive projects, like Facts and Theories. There are also some unpublished manuscripts, such as “A Moment’s Glimpse of the Genius of Beethoven” and “Problems of Training in Modern Psychiatry.”
Part of this series deals with I.H.’s collection of other people’s published writings.  Originally, there were six cubic feet of these reprints. Because these were published and therefore available through other sources, the archivist chose to discard these reprints after recording the author, title and date. This index is labeled “List of Reprints Collected by I.H.” and it is in box 55.
There are few discussions; they date from the 1950s and 1960s.
Box 52
“A.B.C. of Psychoanalysis,” original manuscript,  ca. 1932
Abstracts, In German  n.d.
Abstract: “The Psychoanalytic Movement,”  1929
Burr, Ruth: Obituary,  1954
“A Contribution to the Study of Transvestism and the Choice of Neurosis,”  n.d.
“A Criticism of Certain Methods of Contemporary Psychiatry,”  1932
Dream Resistance and Schizophrenia- Correspondence,  1958
“Dynamic Psychiatry,”  1949
“Ego Defense and the Mechanism of Oral Ejection in Schizophrenia: The Psychoanalysis of a Pre-Psychotic Case,”  n.d.
“The Ego and the Defense Mechanism,  n.d.
“Ego In Infancy,”  1959
“Evolution of Art Music” (mss),  n.d.
Facts and Theories hand written introduction,  n.d.
Facts and Theories, 2nd ed. unused preface,  n.d.
Facts and Theories reviews,  n.d.
Facts and Theories correspondence,  1939
Facts and Theories 3rd ed. correspondence,  1953-1958
Facts and Theories 3rd ed. correspondence,  1956-1959
Facts and Theories paperback correspondence,  1964
“The Finger and the Female Castration Complex,”  n.d.
Box 53
“A Fundamental Reform in Psychiatric Education,”  1951
“Fruition of an Idea”- correspondence,  1966
“A Fundamental Reform in Psychiatric Education,”  1951
“Hitler,”  n.d.
“Infancy Project,”  n.d.
“Infantile Sexuality,”  n.d.
“Jews: A Project,”  1928
“A Moment’s Glimpse of the Genius of Beethoven,” unpublished mss,  n.d.
“Mothers and Their Professional Surrogates,  1938
“Charles Nigro: A Case Study,”  n.d.
“Objective Evaluation of the Therapist,”  1948
“Our Generation of Psychiatrists: Changes in Our Words and Changes in Our Thinking,”  1966
“Our Generation of Psychiatrists, Changes in our Words and Changes in Our Thinking,”  1967
Dr. Martin W. Peck: Obituary,  n.d.
Personality Project,  ca. 1928
Physiological Infantilism,”  1950-1952
“Physiology and Psychoanalysis” (mss),  n.d.
“The Place of Psychoanalysis in Practice of Psychiatry” (mss),  n.d.
“Presidential Address,” final mss,  1955
“Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Education Today,”    1963
Box 54
“Problems of Training in Modern Psychiatry,” (unpublished mss)                        1962
“The Professional Attitude in Social Work” (mss)                        n.d.
“Psychiatric Education” n.d.
“The Reality of Infantile Sexuality” n.d.
“Sex At Vassar” 1964
“Social and Clinical Manifestations of the Emotion of Hate”                         n.d.
“Suicide as Wish-Fulfillment” 1938
“Techniques” n.d.
“Theory of Instincts, Female Sexuality” (mss) n.d.
“Therapy of Psychoneurosis,” n.d.
“Trend in Research in Earliest Ears from the Psychoanalyst’s Point of                        View” n.d.
“Vicissitudes of the Instincts in Early Schizophrenia: The Psychoanalysis                        of a Pre-Psychotic Case” Rough Draft n.d.
“What Does a Woman Want?” n.d.
Reviews Written by I.H. 1931-1940
Reviews 1958, 1962, 1972
F.R.C.P. by Bernard Hart 1927
“Practical Aspects of Psychoanalysis” by Lawrence Kubie                        1936
Reprints by I.H. 1939-195
Box 55
List of reprints collected by I.H.,  n.d.
Correspondence,  ca. 1932
Request for Reprints, Correspondence,  1951-1965
Mailing List  1942
Reprint Mailing List,  1951, 1967
Discussions,  n.d.
Panels and Discussions,  ca. 1950
“Reflections on Training,” Lawrence Kubie,  1966
Discussions,  1964-1968
Discussion Correspondence,  1959-1960
Series IX.- Photographs,  1898-1971
There are approximately 290 items in this collection, with the bulk of materials being from the 1910s and 1930s. Approximately 250 of these items are photographic prints on paper ranging in size from about 1″ x 1″ to 8 1/2″ x 11.” Some of these are in mat frames. The rest of the collection includes approximately 25 photographic negatives on plastic and 15 pieces of ephemera. The negatives all correspond to a photographic print in this collection. The ephemera include Ives Hendrick’s death certificate, 7 postcards, and 3 emails on 8 1/2″ x 11″ printer paper from donors regarding additions to this series. Unless specified otherwise, each item listed here is a photographic print on paper.
Most of the photographs are of a personal nature showing family members and fall into one of three thematic categories:
1. Hendrick family portraits, circa 1898 to 1971
2. Summer camp activities of Ives Hendrick, Hobart Hendrick, and unidentified camp members, circa 1910 (a former version of this finding aid suggests these photographs are probably from 1913-1916)
3. Sightseeing by Ives Hendrick’s parents on vacation in Europe and/or the Mediterranean, circa 1930s.
It is useful to know who his family consisted of. Hendrick’s family members shown in this collection include:
• Ives’ parents: Hendrick, Burton Jesse, 1870-1949 and Hendrick, Bertha (Ives)
• Ives’ brother: Hendrick, Hobart Johnston, 1904-1971 and sister-in-law, Hendrick, Mary (French Byzbee), 1906-1972
• Ives’ wife (to whom he became divorced at some point unknown): Hendrick, Marie (McClung)
• Ives’ children: Ruznak, Martha (Hendrick); Hendrick, Ives Junior; and Rumsey, Jane (Hendrick)
Note on the acquisiton of photographs: A large collection of Hendrick’s family photographs were received from his daughter Jane Rumsey. 22 photographs of Ives Hendrick were added to this box by Dr. Sanford Gifford in November 2006.
Note on the arrangement of photographs: This collection has no original order, so items that relate to each other may not be physically next to one another.
Note on the digitization and access of photographs: In 2013, the photographs were scanned as JPEG and TIFF files and described by archival intern Allison Blakeslee. Each digital photograph is identified by the prefix “Hen” followed by a three-digit number reflecting the order in which the photographs were scanned. The photographs were scanned in the order that they appear in the collection. The collection has no original order, so photographs that appear to relate to each other may not be numerically close. Most photographs were scanned on the front side only. A few photographs and postcards had significant information on the verso (back) side and were scanned separately with their own “HenXXX” identifier. Please contact the BPSI for more information on accessing these digital photographs.
Box 56
Hen001-Hen003, Hen006-Hen008, and Hen010-Hen013 Jane (Hendrick) Rumsey and Ives Hendrick Junior (photographs in a family portrait book),  ca. 1930s
Hen004, Hen005 Hendrick family portrait. From left to right: Mary (French Byzbee) Hendrick; Burton Jesse Hendrick; Bertha (Ives) Hendrick; Hobart Hendrick ; Ives Hendrick; Marie (McClung) Hendrick; Ives Hendrick Junior; Jane (Hendrick) Rumsey, (all photographs in a family portrait book)  ca. 1930s
Hen016. Ives Hendrick Junior,  ca. 1930s
Hen017. Jane (Hendrick) Rumsey,  ca. 1930s
Hen018, Hen019. Unidentified camp photographs,  ca. 1930s
Hen020. Hobart Hendrick,  ca. 1920s
Hen021. Ives Hendrick,  ca. 1910
Hen022. Unidentified man,  ca. 1900s
Hen023. Hobart Hendrick and Mary (French Byzbee) Hendrick,  ca. 1930s
Hen024, Hen025. Ives Hendrick,  ca. 1900
Hen026. Hobart Hendrick,  ca. 1906
Hen027. Ives Hendrick,  ca. 1900
Hen028. Photographic negative of Bertha and Burton Hendrick standing on a boat,  ca. 1920-1930
Hen029. Bertha (Ives) Hendrick  ca. 1900
Hen030. Ives Hendrick  ca. 1900
Hen031. Photographic negative of Hen030.
Hen032, Hen033. Photographic negatives of Hen040. Hendrick, Bertha (Ives) holding infant Ives Hendrick, 1898-1972.   ca. 1898
Hen034. Unidentified infant (possibly Ives Hendrick, 1898-1872),  ca. 1898
Hen035. Bertha Hendrick with sons Ives (standing) and Hobart (seated)  ca. 1910
Hen036. Unidentified camp photograph;  ca. 1900
Hen037. Postcard of men in rowboats at Camp Oxford ca. 1900
Hen038, Hen043. Burton Jesse Hendrick plays a lawn game with an unidentified man,  ca. 1930s
Hen039. Ives Hendrick with daughter Jane and son Ives Junior at the steps of a house,  ca. 1937
Hen040. Hendrick, Bertha (Ives) holding son Ives Hendrick,   ca. 1898
Hen041. Ives Hendrick and an unidentified woman at a party  ca. 1950s
Hen042. Unidentified infant (possibly Ives Hendrick),  ca. 1898
Hen044. European vacation photos. Burton Jesse Hendrick and Bertha Hendrick,  ca. 1930s
Hen045. European vacation photos. Bertha Hendrick,  ca. 1930s
Hen046. European vacation photos. Burton Jesse Hendrick and Bertha Hendrick stand with an unidentified woman,  ca. 1930s
Hen047. Photographic negative of Hen151,  ca. 1930s
Hen048. Photographic negative of Hen035,  ca. 1910
Hen049. Photographic negative of Hen042,  ca. 1898
Hen050. Photographic negative of Hen072,  ca. 1910
Hen051, Hen052. Ives Hendrick,  ca. 1905
Hen053, Hen054. Ives Hendrick rides a bike,  ca. 1910
Hen055. Ives Hendrick (right) and Hobart Hendrick (left) ride bikes,  ca. 1910
Hen056. Unidentified children play in the yard of a New Rochelle home,  ca. 1910
Hen057. Ives Hendrick and unidentified children sled down a hill,  ca. 1910
Hen058. Two unidentified children hold hands,  ca. 1910
Hen059. Ives Hendrick (right) and Hobart Hendrick (left) with a dog,  ca. 1910
Hen060. Unidentified girl with dog,  ca. 1910
Hen061, Hen062, Hen063, Hen066. Hobart Hendrick sits on a horse,  ca. 1910
Hen065. Unidentified man (left), Hobart Hendrick (middle) and Ives Hendrick (right) sit a horse-drawn wagon,  ca. 1910
Hen067. Ives Hendrick (left) and Hobart Hendrick (right) build an outdoor shelter,  ca. 1910
Hen068. Hobart Hendrick plays in a yard,  ca. 1910
Hen069. Unidentified man stands with cattle ca. 1910
Hen070. Hobart Hendrick (right) and an unidentified friend (left) stand in a body of water,  ca. 1910
Hen071. Hobart Hendrick (left) and an unidentified friend (right)  ca. 1910
Hen072. Hobart Hendrick (second to right) holds a snake at camp,   ca. 1910
Hen073. Photographic negative of Hen072,  ca. 1910
Hen074. Hobart Hendrick (left) sits with two unidentified camp members in front of a tent,  ca. 1910
Hen075 through Hen080. Unidentified campers engage in recreational sports and activities such as baseball, rowing, and the pole vault,  ca. 1910
Hen081. Ives Hendrick stands in a yard carrying a woman (possibly Marie (McClung) Hendrick),  ca. 1920
Hen082. Hobart Hendrick eats a piece of fruit,  ca. 1910
Hen083. Unidentified boy rides a bike,  ca. 1910
Hen083. Unidentified boy rides a bike,  ca. 1910
Hen084. A boat sits on water with unidentified camp members,   ca. 1910
Hen084. Unidentified camp member catches a fish on a dock,  ca. 1910
Hen085, Hen087. Unidentified boy plays tennis on a tennis court,  ca. 1910
Hen086, Hen142. Ives Hendrick plays with an oar on a docked boat,  ca. 1910
Hen089. Ives Hendrick (fourth from left) and Hobart Hendrick (left of Ives, standing) watch a snake in the grass with other camp members, ca. 1910
Hen090. Unidentified camp member holds a snake. Ives Hendrick (right, in white shirt and tie) stands in the background,   ca. 1910
Hen091. Unidentified young men sit as it is takes off,  ca. 1910
Hen092. Three unidentified camp members sit on the ledge of a raised tent,  ca. 1910
Hen093. Unidentified camp member stands in front of a tent,  ca. 1910
Hen094. Unidentified camp member dives into a body of water,   ca. 1910
Hen095. Hobart Hendrick sits in the grass,  ca. 1910
Hen096. Three unidentified young men stand in front a tent,  ca. 1910
Hen097. Bertha Hendrick swings a croquet mallet,  August 26, 1919
Hen098. Five unidentified camp members pose for their photograph on a hillside,  ca. 1910
Hen099. Unidentified camp member poses on a hillside,  ca. 1910
Hen100. Hobart Hendrick leans against a tree,  ca. 1910
Hen101. Young women run through a street with onlookers,  ca. 1910
Hen102. Two unidentified camp members sit on grass in front of a tent,  ca. 1910
Hen103. Unidentified camp member holds baseball bats and looks on during a baseball game,  ca. 1910
Hen104. Thirteen unidentified camp members pose for a photograph,  ca. 1910
Hen105. Ives Hendrick (far right in dark suit) and Hobart Hendrick (directly behind Ives) stand with unidentified camp members near a docked boat,  ca. 1910
Hen106. Ives Hendrick stands in swimming attire,  ca. 1920
Hen107. Ives Hendrick stands on the steps of a home with his mother Bertha Hendrick,  ca. 1910
Hen108. Burton Hendrick looks at wall carvings,  ca. 1930
Hen109. An unidentified man stands in front of a lake,  ca. 1910
Hen110. An unidentified infant sits in a rocking chair with a teddy bear,  ca. 1930
Hen111. Ives Hendrick (far right) and unidentified friends walk on a lawn and carry out a game chest,  ca. 1920
Hen112. Nineteen unidentified campers sit on a boat in water,  ca. 1910
Hen113. Hobart Hendrick (third from left) and unidentified camp members pose in a stadium,  ca. 1910
Hen114. Six unidentified men sit on a rock,  ca. 1910
Hen115. Burton (left), Bertha (center), and Hobart Hendrick stand aboard a ship,  ca. 1920
Hen116. Hobart Hendrick stands aboard a ship,  ca. 1920
Hen117. Hobart Hendrick holds kittens while sitting on steps,  ca. 1920
Hen118. Hobart Hendrick stands in water next to a dock with unidentified camp members,  ca. 1910
Hen119. Ives Hendrick sits and smokes next to an unidentified young man playing guitar (possibly Ives Hendrick Junior),  ca. 1945
Hen120. Dock with waterslide pictured near a small boat and a large passenger boat named “Ticonderoga,”  ca. 1910
Hen121. Unidentified young man holds the reigns of a horse,  ca. 1910
Hen122. Unidentified young man (possibly Ives Hendrick) stands in pilgrim costume,  ca. 1910
Hen123. Two unidentified boys play on grass with a ball,   ca. 1910
Hen124. Sixteen unidentified young men pose in costume,  ca. 1910-1920
Hen125. Unidentified young man stands in grass holding a glass,   ca. 1910-1920
Hen125. Hobart Hendrick sits on steps and holds kittens,   ca. 1910
Hen126. Ives Hendrick (left) and Hobart Hendrick (right) sit with kittens on steps  ca. 1910
Hen127. Unidentified boy (possibly Ives Hendrick) stands on rocky shore in bathing suit ca. 1910
Hen128. Ives Hendrick (front row, second to right) poses with unidentified campers holding floatation devices,  ca. 1910
Hen129. Ten unidentified camp members sit on a dock,  ca. 1910
Hen130. Hobart Hendrick (seated) on a dock with unidentified camp members,  ca. 1910
Hen131. Ives Hendrick (center) rides a horse with two unidentified camp members,  ca. 1910
Hen132. Ives Hendrick (third from left) stands at the back of a line of unidentified camp members in a field,  ca. 1910
Hen133. Hobart Hendrick (second from left) lays in a bed outside with two unidentified camp members,  ca. 1910
Hen134. Three unidentified camp members lay in grass,  ca. 1910
Hen135. Bertha Hendrick lays in a bed reading,  ca. 1950s
Hen136. Bertha Hendrick sits in a chair at Phillips House,  1947
Hen137. Bertha Hendrick lays in bed with a tray at Phillips House,  1948
Hen138. Bertha Hendrick decorates a christmas tree,  ca. 1950s
Hen139. Ives Hendrick stands on steps of a house with two unidentified men, one unidentified young man, and two unidentified women, ca. 1960s
Hen140. Bertha Hendrick stands in yard with croquet set up,  August 24, 1919
Hen141. Ives Hendrick (left) and Hobart Hendrick (right) pose with two unidentified men,  ca. 1920
Hen143. Ives Hendrick portrait with text underneath that reads, “To Mother from ‘Baby,’ P.A.?”  ca. 1915
Hen144. Portrait of Commonwealth Fund Fellows. Front row from left to right: Dr. Charles H. Kimberly, Dr. William F. Roth, Dr. G. P. Coon, Dr. Joseph J. Michaels, Dr. Conrad Wall. Back row from left to right: Dr. Merrill Moore, Dr. Irma Bache, Dr. J.E. Finesinger,  ca. 1930
Hen145, Hen146. Postcard addressed to Herrn E. Hendrick from M. Lirny,  May 1930
Hen147. Ives Hendrick sits on a horse,  ca. 1910
Hen148. Ives Hendrick sits on steps of a house,   ca. 1910
Hen149. Ives Hendrick smokes a cigarette,  ca. 1945
Hen150. Ives Hendrick stands in front of ancient ruins,  ca. 1945
Hen151. Ives Hendrick portrait,  ca. 1910
Hen152. Ives Hendrick on roller skates,  ca. 1925
Hen153. Ives Hendrick on a toy wagon,  ca. 1925
Hen154- Hen169, Hen172-Hen226, Hen228-Hen239, Hen257-Hen266. Burton and Bertha Hendrick on vacation in Europe and the Mediterranean. Includes photos of Bertha and Burton in England, Scotland, the Netherlands, and Italy. Hen264 Ives Hendrick sits on a boat with two unidentified women. Hen235-238, Hen257-259 are postcards, ca. 1920-1930
Hen170. Martha Hendrick sings while Ives Hendrick plays piano,  ca. 1950s
Hen171. Newspaper clipping with photograph of Ives Hendrick talking to neighbor after a fire in the Back Bay building in which he lived,  ca. 1950s
Hen240-Hen256. Photographic negatives of Burton and Bertha Hendrick’s vacation in Europe and the Mediterranean,  ca. 1920s-1930s
Hen227. Unidentified camp members play tennis,  ca. 1910
Hen267, Hen268. Program for City of Edinburgh’s Freedom of the City to Alanson Bigelow Houghton,  September 7, 1927
Hen269. Ives Hendrick portrait,  1921
Hen270. Ives Hendrick portrait,  ca. 1925
Hen271, Hen272. Dr. John (Jack) Koogh, Emily Scott Thornton, Dr. Julius Grey,  ca. 1949-1951
Hen273. Ives Hendrick portrait,  ca. 1970
Hen274. Burton Hendrick poses with four unidentified men,  ca. 1900
Hen275, Hen276. Ives Hendrick portrait,  ca. 1950s
Hen277. Portrait of unidentified man,  ca. 1930
Hen278. Marie (McClung) Hendrick,  ca. 1960
Box 57
Hen279. Email to Sanford Gifford from Elizabeth M. Flavin,  March 19, 1997
Hen280. Email to Sanford Gifford from Martha H. Rusnak,  July 5, 2008
Hen281. Email to Sanford Gifford from Robert J. Rusnak, Sr.,  July 27, 2008
Hen282, Hen283. Ives Hendrick accompanies Martha Hendrick on the piano,  ca. 1940s-1950s
Hen284. American President Lines photograph holder ca. 1950s-1970s
Hen285. Ives Hendrick, four unidentified men, and two unidentified women aboard the S.S. President Wilson,  ca. 1950s to 1970s
Hen286. Ives Hendrick sits at a meeting ca. 1950s
Hen287, Hen288. Ives Hendrick with grandchildren Jay Rusnak and Jennifer Rusnak 1971
Hen289. Ives Hendrick dances with an unidentified girl (possibly one of his daughters) aboard the S.S. President Wilson,  ca. 1950s to 1970s
Hen290. Ives Hendrick Junior, Jane (Hendrick) Rumsey and Martha (Hendrick) Rusnak sit on steps of a house,  1959
Hen291. Ives Hendrick portrait,  ca. 1950s
Hen292, Hen293. Will of Ives Hendrick,  March 19, 1972
Hen294. Ives Hendrick accompanies Martha Hendrick on the paino, ca. 1940s-1950s
Hen295. Ives Hendrick portrait, Roger Sherman Studio,  1921
Hen296. Hendrick family portrait,  ca. 1930s
Hen297, Hen298. Announcement of Degree Day Ceremonies from the President, Trustees, Faculty, and Candidates for Degrees of Mills College, ca. 1959
Hen299. Martha Hendrick portrait; newspaper clipping with portion of an article and picture of Ives Hendrick and Martha Hendrick on a Yale campus tour, ca. 1959
Hen300. Martha Hendrick and an unidentified woman, ca. 1959
Hen301. Ives Hendrick,  1948-1950
Hen302. Email to Sanford and Ingrid Gifford from Martha H. and Robert J. Rusnak, Sr.  June 29, 2003
Hen303. Print out of a digital image of Ives Hendrick portrait, Roger Sherman Studio,  1921
Series X: Biographical Materials
This collection contains memorial speeches, obituaries, and other articles and materials about Ives Hendrick. A copy of Ives Hendrick’s will could also be found here.