Sponsored by BPSI for the last twenty years, The Annual Child Care Conference has become one of our most respected outreach programs, particularly within the early childhood educator community. The conference most often focuses on viewing early childhood education through the lens of development, with an eye to promoting the emotional well being of the child within the family system.

Many prominent leaders in the field of early childhood education have been featured at our  Annual Child Care Conferences, including T. Berry Brazelton, Ed Tronick, Vivian Paley, Steve Seidel, and Howard Gardner.

While the Child Care Conference is geared primarily toward daycare workers, nursery school teachers, and other early childhood educators in the Boston area, the program is also open to parents, clinicians, and BPSI Members.

The Annual Child Care Conference is held each spring.Check back in early spring for information, or contact Karen Smolens.


The Annual Child Care Conference provides Continuing Education Credits for participants for a low fee.


Committee and Organizers

The BPSI Annual Child Care Conference was started in 1992 by Lyle Warner, and has been organized by the BPSI Annual Child Care Conference Committee for the past 18 years. The Committee consists of a group of dedicated early childhood educators who volunteer their time to plan the program. The present members are:

Darragh Callahan, EdD

Joan Halpern

Jane Lannak, PhD

Ellen Moore

Ann Stambler, MSW

Susan Twombly

Judith Yanof, MD, Chair


BPSI would like to recognize the generous contribution of an anonymous donor who supported and funded this program for many years.