Biographical Note:

Edward Hitschmann was the oldest of BPSI’s refugee members. He was born and educated in Vienna, joining Freud’s early Wednesday study group in 1905. In 1922, he headed the “Ambulatorium”, a free psychoanalytic clinic in Vienna. After the Anschluss of 1938, he immigrated to the US and became a Training Aanalyst at BPSI in 1940. Hitschmann is the author of numerous papers, including an early Primer of Psychoanalysis for the lay reader and “Great Men,” a collection of psycho-biographies of eminent writers and musicians. He died in 1957.


This small collection was donated to the BPSI Archives by Carol Margolin, Edward Hitschmann’s granddaughter, in 2009. It contains reprints dating back to 1910, Hitschmann’s correspondence with Sigmund Freud, and several photos including a group portrait of the Weimar IPA Congress of 1911 depicting 41 famous analysts of the time. Our collection of Oral History Interview Records contains interviews of Hedwig Hitschmann of 1973, and Sanford Gifford’s remarks of 2009 about the Hitschmanns and their daughter Gretl who had married Sydney Margolin, a New York analyst and psychosomatic researcher. The Vertical File contains Hitschman’s biographical note by Sanford Gifford.

Finding Aid for this collection is available here (viewing it requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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